68 days ago

Menzshed. Under new management.

Ric Coleman from MENZSHED, Hastings.

Hi All. I've got the new Menzshed open at the Hastings A&P Showgrounds, thank-you to our Mayor, Sandra Hazelhurst, on 1st September, the ribbon was cut. My health has been failing for a while, and I have resigned as Chairman, and handed over to my Vice Chairman, Robbie. 06 875 093. Sorry, my sense of humour might have got the best of me at times on these posts. I'm sure, Robbie will look after Menzshed, as I have tried to do, since it's beginning in 2015. To all the customers and friends I've made in our growing Menzshed, Hastings: You're the best. Cheers. Ric Coleman. Look after Menzshed, and they will look after you. I te rangimarie. Kia koa.

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7 hours ago

This is a doosie...

Vivian from Clive

I mentioned in a post that I would more than likely leave Neighbourly due to the adverts, polls, scams & political crap they are dumping on us daily.
Then I receive this....

Hi Vivian, thanks for getting in touch and sharing your feedback.

I'm so sorry to hear you've chosen to leave Neighbourly.

All members should feel comfortable using Neighbourly - this is why we always do our best to ensure that the Guidelines are met and act accordingly, to ensure that Neighbourly remains a positive platform for all.

If you ever change your mind and would like to use Neighbourly again in the future, please don't hesitate to contact us and we can help you get up and running again.

Warm wishes,

Regards, Ashley

Neighbourly Helpdesk

I have not deleted this page yet Ashley! Must add there is a lot of conversation regarding Neighbourly & STUFF on various FB pages though.

3 hours ago

Know a helping hander?

Countdown Supermarkets

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18 hours ago

Tree Service

Hanno from Havelock North

New Tree Service with a difference

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