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Has your child's school become over-crowded?

The team Reporter from Hawke's Bay News

Hi neighbours - the government is giving a multi-million dollar funding boost for Rototuna Junior and Senior High Schools.

Rototuna Senior High School principal Natasha Hemara said the expansion falls short of what the schools need, with their junior school already reaching capacity and "bursting at the seams".

Do you think the funding boost will be enough to support expanding school-roll numbers? Has your child's school become over-crowded?
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1 day ago

Top Tip #12 for Bereavement Care

Rhonda from Hastings Central

Hi there,
I am coming across more people who have been in the situation where a family member or friend has died and they need to call a Funeral Home or Funeral Director to come and help look after their loved one.
They don't know who to call.
They don't know really what that call means.

Anyone and Everyone are potentially going to have to be part of this process at some stage - making the call I mean or deciding with others who to call.

If you know who you would call, GREAT!

If you don't know who you would call, here is a list of things you might like to research about the Funeral Homes in your area, so you can make a decision you are happy with.
*Treat it like house buying, pop around a few places and find out who they are, and all about them.

* Firstly, who works there and who does what?
* Look at their premises - no two are the same.
* Ask for their prices - check if it includes or excludes GST.
* Ask who does their catering and then ask around if the caterers are good.
* Ask if they have a celebrant on staff. If they do, you need to know, you can use that celebrant or you can choose an independent one. (some people have told me they were not told they could choose someone else to be their celebrant).
* If they have a chapel available, ask to go and see it. You need to know that if you want to go to this chapel or that chapel - you have to go through the funeral directors who own it.
* If you phone a funeral home to come and collect your loved one, you are telling them that you are engaging them, and expecting them to look after you and follow your wishes. This could be from direct cremation right through to all the trimmings.
* Ask around as to who people have had excellent service from.

Whoever you phone, you should know who they are and have full confidence in them.
It is all about YOUR CHOICE. We make good choices when we know all the facts.

Lastly, if someone conducted a funeral service and you liked that person, chances are that Celebrant works with a number of Funeral Homes. If you want a particular Celebrant to assist you, then phone them directly, to start a conversation, or ask the Funeral Director to contact that Celebrant. And if you really want someone in particular, then find out when they are available before you set the date and time for a Service.

Just like the Earthquake Kit

Kind regards to you all.
Hope you can enjoy the sun for a time today and that some of you have enjoyed the Hastings Blossom Parade! I Love all the Fun!

Rhonda Diprose
Funeral Celebrant Hawke's Bay
Email: RhondaDiprose@gmail.com
Facebook: Funeral Celebrant Hawke's Bay Rhonda Diprose

12 hours ago

Tupperware Party

Abbie from Parkvale

Hi all I'm hosting a Tupperware party this Thursday if you are after one or many items, don't have a Tupperware consultant and want to meet a great one.

Feel free to join me at 5pm
35 Plymouth Road, Flaxmere. At the choices daycare.

Bring the kids, they can play while you party. (They will still be your responsibility)

Nibbles provided.

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