37 days ago

FOOD RECALL: Lewis Road Creamery brand Chocolate Ice Cream

The team from Neighbourly.co.nz

Have you been affected? Lewis Road Creamery is recalling a specific batch of its Chocolate Ice Cream as it may contain foreign matter (metal).

Name of product: Lewis Road Creamery brand Chocolate Ice Cream (470ml).
Date marking: Best Before: 11/06/2020.
Distribution: The product is sold in supermarkets and selected retail outlets nationwide.

Customers should return the products to their retailer for a full refund.
Click here for more safety information

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8 hours ago

Cats being baited/poisoned

Dana from Frimley

People in Frimley area please keep a close eye on your cats, someone is baiting.
My sweetie is at the vet (not looking good for her), having been poisoned with antifreeze.

3 days ago

Te Mata Rd protest

Julie Neighbourly Lead from Havelock North

Every day I drive past the former proposed site for the cell tower and I feel it’s very kind of the current owners to want to lower the property values by making the area look like an LA slum. It’ll make it easier and cheaper for first home buyers when you sell up.

But really folks, isn’t it about time to remove the graffiti sheets and get on with life? They are attracting taggers to the area, which will then attract other criminal elements.

The electoral candidate hoardings are a distracting eyesore enough, without adding to the visual pollution, and unwanted attention.

Like it or not, you’ve made the neighbourhood look like areas you wouldn’t drive through with the doors unlocked.

15 hours ago

Join Gen Less

Gen Less

They all had their defining moments. Climate change is ours.
Join Gen Less, and live more with less energy. #GenLess
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