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Red Cross Journey Dog

The Team from Red Cross - Hastings Service Centre

Hi my name is Charlie! During the month of September my Mum and I are taking part in Red Cross Journey.

Red Cross Journey is a fundraiser for the New Zealand Red Cross where you walk 10,000 steps a day. While walking 10,000 steps you will follow the journey of a Red Cross Delegate or former refugee family that has resettled in NZ and fundraise for people in need.

You can walk to 10,000 steps as an individual or team, like the team we have created the "HB Red Cross Walkie Talkies". Fundraising can be done by using the online fundraising platform or holding events such as a car wash, morning tea, mufti day or quiz night like Mum is organising.

There is also a really cool section for schools that includes pop quizes, essay questions and more so you can learn while you take part.

Want to get involved? feel free to use the link below and join the Walkie Talkies... or set up your own team... why not ask your friends, family, work colleagues or classmates to join you? or make a donation to the team, every little bit helps! Yesterday we were the #1 team in NZ and we have just been overtaken so we need your help to get back on top.

Registrations close 31st August, with step challenge being held from the 1st to the 21st of September.

If you have any questions about the event please contact amber.mcarthur@redcross.org.nz

#RedCrossJourney #RedCrossJourneyDog #Hereforgood

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10 minutes ago

MENZSHED, Hastings. Container. and Building

Ric Coleman from MENZSHED, Hastings.

After being in the chair for just over 18 months now, and being digagnosed with Terminal cANCER, I have to hand over to Robbie: 06 875 0931 and the rest of the team. Same support, and quality of work. Thank-you everyone for your support

11 hours ago

Fibre sales people

Rosie from Parkvale

At 8pm last night (Sunday) when it was almost dark, I had a knock at my back door from another fibre salesman. I was taken aback at the timing but I was told I needed to sign up as the house in front of me had signed up and they (not sure who they are) needed to install it in my house at the same time.
I am totally sick and tired of phone calls, mail, e-mail and door knocks re fibre. I cannot see the purpose of it in my case as only use broadband for e-mails and news feed and use well less than 20 gig a month and mostly use the internet via my cell phone. We still use the landline a lot.

Apparently I will not be able to sell my house in the future if it doesn't have fibre and I will be the only one in the street without it. And the Govt is going to make me have it within 3 years whether I like it or not. I feel pressured (bullied) over fibre and don't see why I should be made to have something that I don't want. So far the best offer I have had if I agree to it is that my monthly phone bills will reduce by $5. In some quotes it will go up.
I have decided not to have it at this stage and I just wish that my decision would be respected and that all the fibre sales people would leave me alone. Is there anywhere that I can register that I want to be fibre-free and that I won't harassed any more over this issue?

1 hour ago

HB Show volunteers

The Team from Red Cross - Hastings Service Centre

We are after a couple of last volunteers to help us collect tickets at the Hawkes Bay Show this Friday the 25th of October (HB Anniversary day)

Shifts range from 1.5-2.5 hours with the longer shifts being in the morning. Your job will be to smile, greet guests, collect tickets and if anyone doesnt have tickets to point them to the ticket booth.

You will need to be able to stand for your entire shift (so unfortunately no chairs). Anyone under 18 is welcome but you will need a parent or guardian to be there with you during your shift.

There is a little incentive for helping us out :) ...If you are interested please get intouch ASAP either via email amber.mcarthur@redcross.org.nz or call 027 236 0559.