47 days ago

Loose Nails

Novia from Twyford

Loose Nails
75mm or 50mm
Price $3.00/kilo
Pick up Fernhill Hastings

Price: $3

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1 minute ago

Find Out About Ear Suction HB & what our clients think about us

Nick Roberts from Ear Suction Hawkes Bay

Welcome to the home of wax-free, clear and healthy ears.

At Ear Suction Hawke’s Bay we make things easy. Only we:

- Make it really easy to get an early appointment
- Are so easy to contact

- Have six clinic locations across Hawke’s Bay


2 hours ago

Mental Health Awareness Week starts today! 💜🌿

The Team from Neighbourhood Support New Zealand

Together let's explore our way to well-being because when it's strong, our whānau, communities and Aotearoa can flourish too.

#NSNZmentalhealth #MHAWNZ

1 day ago

Cats being baited/poisoned

Dana from Frimley

People in Frimley area please keep a close eye on your cats, someone is baiting.
My sweetie is at the vet (not looking good for her), having been poisoned with antifreeze.