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Wednesday 15th August - Strike day

Julie Cronin from Te Mata School Home & School Committee

Please be advised, if not already aware, the teachers and principals of many schools around NZ, including Te Mata, are going out on strike for the day, on Wednesday 15th August.

They do not choose to do this lightly. And whether you support the decision or not, you need to ensure arrangements are made for your children on that date, as there will be no staff at school to care for them.

If you are a stay at home parent, perhaps you could have a special bonding day, doing something totally different. Have a cafe day, or a spa day, or a trip to the MTG or The Faraday Centre, in Napier. Flip Out will be open as will the Museum and Art gallery in Hastings. Have a mid winter picnic up in the Redwoods. Or a trip to Birdwoods Gallery. How about taking in a movie? Maybe you could organise a tour of the fire station or police station. Or you could get out old sheets and build a fort in your lounge, or have a movie marathon and enjoy home made baking together. If it's not too wet, giant chalk and hot wheels (for boys and girls) works a treat. Or, if it is wet, water pistols followed by hot chocolates.

If you are a working parent, perhaps you could organise with a friend or one of your childrens' classmates parents to have them take your child for the day, in exchange for you taking theirs on a weekend day.

Whatever your situation, don't stress, you can do this. If you get stuck for ideas, put a shout out to me and I'll post a notice for you. We'll see you right. That's what we are here for.

Let me know what ideas you have. We'll see who can come up with the best, eh?!

And don't forget, there will be no Pita Pit orders on that day 😉, but Friday Treats will still be on.

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Dementia Hawke's Bay Street Appeal - Remember December

Georgina from Karamu - Waipatu

Look out for the collectors for Dementia Hawke's Bay Street Appeal on Friday 6 December outside Flaxmere, Hastings and Havelock North New World Supermarkets and also sites in Napier and Waipukurau.
Remember December being the catch phrase.

All funds stay within the community. You can see some of the things they get up to on their Facebook Page but also they are always happy for people to phone if you need more information and or support. www.facebook.com...

Dementia Hawke’s Bay see the Street Appeal as an important way of bringing awareness to the wider community of the very active role they play to support both the carers and people with various forms of Dementia which includes Alzheimer's .

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Poll: Should horse racing be banned?

The team from Neighbourly.co.nz

The Melbourne Cup can be seen as an excuse for people to dress to the nines and get so drunk that they often miss seeing the races.

The physical and psychological pain these horses suffer is immense, with the movement against horse racing growing as animal welfare advocates call for change. What do you think? Should horse racing be banned? Vote in the poll below.

Should horse racing be banned?
  • 30% Definitely - it’s inhumane
    30% Complete
  • 14.4% No - it’s a bit of harmless fun
    14.4% Complete
  • 4% I don’t have an opinion
    4% Complete
  • 51.7% Only for those found guilty of abuse
    51.7% Complete
1163 votes
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Know a helping hander?

Countdown Supermarkets

Every Countdown store in New Zealand is giving away a $500 Countdown Gift Card to a local hero. Nominate here