53 days ago

Removing mould from curtains

Robert Anderson from Curtain Clean Hamilton

Linings and bottom of curtains are a common place for black mould to grow. Don't be alarmed - it means that the curtains are doing their job! It can, however, be difficult to remove. Time and time again we've helped customers who nearly had to throw their curtains out as they think it is un-fixable, or, attempted to remove it themselves and shrunk or wrinkled their gorgeous drapes. Remember - we can help with that! We've been in this business for over 20 years and are experts at removing mould. If your curtains look like these, call us!!

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15 hours ago

What's On: Dance Scottish, Lochiel SCD Club

Jill from Chartwell

Enjoy fiddle music and dancing? You'll love Scottish social dancing. Fun, friendship and fitness for mind and body. No partner needed. First night free. Kate 0210507545, Jill 021 264 3939
Dance Scottish, Lochiel SCD Club
  • St John's Church Hall
2 days ago

What's On: Sewing course

Jane from Hamilton East

Every Thursday from 4:30 - 6:30. The cost is $10 per session (2 hour session). To register, please call us on 078583453
Sewing course
  • Waimarie: Hamilton East Community House
3 days ago

Need a forever home for Trevor

Jane from Hamilton East

Hey everybody,

Bit of a situation and needing help fairly urgently...
For the past 2 months, Scotty, our volunteer, has been nursing Trevor (a community cat) back to health from a tragic event. For some time now, Trevor has been the resident and integral community cat at the Waimarie: Hamilton East Community House.

Unfortunately, his place has become unsafe for Trevor. As much as it pains us, he is needing a new forever home; and as stated - fairly urgently. Trevor is an amazing animal. He is very charismatic and has lots of love to give.

The owner we're looking for will be a responsible cat loving person. Someone who won't mind initially monitoring him inside for the first 1 - 2 weeks, giving him monitored outside time throughout, while he gets used to your place, getting ready to enjoy being outdoors unattended; confident that he (most likely) won't run away.

Ideally, someone who has a well fenced in, decent amount of space and not a unit living type situation. He is predominantly an outside cat. Also, you may already have harmless pet-friendly cats or dogs yourself, otherwise, Trevor will happily become the sole attention of your life.

If you are that person or know someone who fits that description, feel free to forward this post to them or tag them in the comments section below, and please contact us at Waimarie. Your help will be hugely appreciated! Thanking you in advance 😊