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Supporting our local heroes

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

If an emergency happens, you know they’re here to help.

If your property catches fire or you’re in a car crash, it is the volunteers and career firefighters of Fire and Emergency New Zealand who come running to help.

As soon as that siren goes, they drop what they’re doing and put your safety first.

Behind our tremendous volunteers are another group of community heroes, who get less attention but are vital to Fire and Emergency.

It’s the employers and co-workers who support our volunteers at work, knowing that at any moment they may need to leave and respond to a crisis.

Did you know Fire and Emergency give recognition to the local businesses who support this important work with the Proud Employer mark?

Look out for this mark on businesses in your community or find out which of your local businesses are Proud Employers of Fire and Emergency volunteers here.

And you can show your support for our hardworking fire crews by making a comment on this post – why not share a tribute you would like to make to our firefighters.

Pictured here are four of the 12,000 volunteers who work across the country. Left to right: Marshall (Marsh) Anderson, Jarrad West, Iain Powell, and Marsh’s brother Ti Anderson. All work at Fonterra and volunteer for the local fire brigade.

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northern community market

Stephanie from Redwood

look forward to seeing you all tomorrow for your christmas shoppping :) Northcote school 10 till 3pm