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Elusions Electricals Essential Service

Patrick Koot from Elusion Electrical Ltd

Hey guys.
Just wanted to check in with our community again in our 3rd week of lockdown. We hope you and your families are all well and managing to get the supplies you need.

Good luck to all those parents with school restarting today, our teens are online with video calls for classes so huge demand on internet. Of course there were afew teething issues today with first classes of the day but the girls are getting there and Shan has very limited time to make noise in between.

Pip our advertising dog is loving extra attention with her people home 24/7 and Otto our pup actually started crying when he was put in create the other day, like he normally would when we go out, when we went for a walk around block without him.
A little reminder CHCH Bull Rescue posted at a similar time to stick with routines with your dogs of time outside alone or in crates if that's what they would normally do so when life returns to normal they dont have separation anxiety

Remember Elusion is providing essential Electrical service cover throughout this time. This means power, heating, ovens etc. If in doubt just ring. We are happy to give out phone advise as well.

Patrick is currently out installing a new heat pump for a client who's heat pump completely died and there is no other source of heating available. I have to say after 3 weeks of little jobs only it seems very empty without him at home.

Feel free to request quotes on non urgent jobs you need doing after lock down and book in jobs. We currently have a list of jobs in order to book in once we get go ahead that non essential jobs can happen.

Keep well everybody, stay safe
From our little team at Elusion Electrical

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3 days ago

Christchurch council takes hard line on recycling rule breakers

Jake Kenny Reporter from Community News

Almost 1500 Christchurch households could soon have their recycling bins confiscated as the city council cracks down on people who refuse to separate their waste.

About 180 yellow wheelie bins have already been removed and the council has sent final warnings to another 1450 residents.

To get the bins back, they will have to pay $97.65 and sign a statement promising to abide by the rules. Their bins will be monitored to make sure they keep that promise.

Christchurch City Council has spent close to $1.5 million sending almost 1500 truckloads of contaminated material from yellow bins to landfill since May. That equates to about 41 per cent of all yellow bins.

Do you agree with council's strict recycling approach? Let us know below.

22 hours ago

Cardiovascular Risk Screening

Katrina from Healthworks Pharmacy Ilam

Coronary heart disease and stroke is the Number 1 cause of death in NZ with 1 in 20 adults diagnosed.

Over 50% of hospitalisations with coronary artery disease (CAD)
have NORMAL cholesterol levels

There are significant, even lifesaving benefits in early detection of any issues with your heart and arteries.

Why is this test different?

This Gold Standard test uses the SphygmoCor® a scientifically validated TGA/FDA approved Pulse Wave Analyser (PWA), a non-invasive device, used in the top 20 hospitals in the USA. youtu.be...

This test not only looks at your Brachial (arm) blood pressure, it analyses your;

Central (aortic) heart pressure,
Peripheral (arteries) resistance,
Cardiac efficiency (SEVR) and
Abnormalities in heart rhythm (arrhythmia).

We will be able to show you an overview of your heart health and, if necessary, recommend very simple, achievable, pleasant, and low-cost ways to improve your heart health (think: “ increase your Omega 3”, “eat a piece of chocolate-a-day” type of interventions).

Book now,
Or call Katrina 02102319502

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Top storey in my community isn’t Hamilton

Kay from Papanui

This link takes me to Neighbourly stories in Hamilton. Anyone else having this problem setting on neighbourly is Papanui Christchurch, ipad setting is location set to here. Can’t understand this! See picture. Any assistance appreciated, 😀