49 days ago

Tell us the story behind your bear

Anna Williams Reporter from The Press

We're going on a bear hunt! People across the country are popping bears in their windows. But what's the story behind the fuzzy faces? Tell us about your bear - what's their name, where did you get it, how far have they travelled? Post a photo and tell us their story! You can also email maddison.northcott@stuff.co.nz if you've seen any bears in Christchurch you think we should cover. (Please mark any posts you don't want to see published NFP).

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1 day ago

Courier delivery times rediculious ARAMEX

Kay from Papanui

3 weeks and counting from Christchurch to rural Rangiora ARAMEX anyone else having delivery issues!!! More than 3 weeks from Auckland to Hornby still not arrived, No humans on the phones anymore. Service with a smile is running thin, 😡😡😡 We are busy and doing our best is their reply. NOT GOOD ENOUGH when trying to run an online business, So many unemployed, jobs must be going at ARAMEX surely. Clearly can’t handle their work load.

3 hours ago

Do you have noises in your ears (tinnitus)?

Owner/Operator from Sincock & Till Audiology

Did you know that sleep disturbance and stress can make tinnitus seem worse? We can help you manage your tinnitus. Call us on 385 6036 to find out more.

3 hours ago

IT Support

Highbourne IT & Web Solutions Ltd

Highbourne IT & Web Solutions aim is to offer a customised service by implementing technical improvements and educating end users on procedures to maintain a stress free computing environment.

Please view link for more information. www.highbourne.co.nz...

Please contact us if you think we may be the right fit for your business.