39 days ago

9kg BBQ gas tank refill

Kim from Sydenham

Hi All,

Can anyone tell me where the cheapest place to refill a gas tank is please?

Love Kim xxx

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2 hours ago

Making a tough time easier

Simplicity Funerals

Simplicity Funerals Christchurch believe that things should be as simple as possible for you at what can be a difficult time. Traditional or contemporary… a funeral should be meaningful, respectful, and also affordable.

We can cater to all price ranges and offer individual pricing plans to suit everyone. We offer a full range of funeral services, from large gatherings in your local to church to intimate and private farewells. No matter your budget, the level of care, compassion and professionalism we offer is never compromised.

Call us any time on (03) 379 0196 or visit our website for more information.
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2 hours ago

Hey Christchurch - want an extra $2500 a year?


“Parkable really has been a game-changer for me.” - Jon Kowski

By renting his single parking spot on Parkable, Jon makes an extra $2,500 each year. That means less stress about finances and a better lifestyle.

How much could you earn with Parkable? Find out by clicking through!

If you list your space by the 1st of November 2019, you'll go in the draw to win a $50 gift voucher.
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13 hours ago

What's your home worth?

Kerryn from Kerryn Allan - Raywhite Christchurch

We've had great success recently with being named the top office - #1 - for Sales in Canterbury for September, the interest at open homes has been fantastic with many multi offers and lots of buyers missing out.
If you'd like to take advantage of the great success we've achieved for our clients, contact me today for a no obligation free appraisal.

Or if you would like to keep updated with the latest sales results for your area (no spam) then email me with market update in the subject line and the area you would like to receive the sales on.

Kerryn Allan (03) 399 3733 / (03) 3322 080