212 days ago

Lamb & Hayward

Manager from Lamb & Hayward

Lamb and Hayward Funeral Directors ensured no quarantined COVID-19 people attended a funeral.

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2 days ago

need help from Panel beaters

Marilyn from Upper Riccarton

Good morning neighbors.
I was involved in an accident last year and it was my fault. I had no car insurance when the accident happened since I lost my job then. My problem now is that the insurance of the other party is asking me to pay more than 6k for the damage I've done on the left doors of his car. I just think that 6k is too much. I went to some panel beaters and they just give me estimates but not a written quote. Please if anyone can give suggestions how do I get a quote to prove that they are taking advantage of me. It seems that they repaired all the damage to the car even those which were not caused by the accident.

1 day ago

Christchurch residents restricted to watering gardens on alternate days

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from The Press

The Christchurch City Council has imposed water restrictions to ensure there is enough water for firefighting, after residents used an average of 400 litres each on Wednesday.

Under level one restrictions, residents at odd-numbered addresses can use their hoses, sprinklers, and garden irrigation systems before 3pm or after 9pm on odd dates, with residents at even-numbered addresses doing so on even dates.

“Watering gardens and lawns using irrigation systems, hoses and sprinklers is the real challenge - washing the car using a bucket, using a watering can in the garden, or filling a small paddling pool, on any day, is fine under level one restrictions," head of three waters Helen Beaumont says.

Level two water restrictions were introduced last month in Akaroa, Duvauchelle and Takamatua on Banks Peninsula, as the streams that supply drinking water to those towns had been especially low.

Read more here.

2 days ago

Christchurch's dog-friendly hospitality spots, do you know of any?

Jake Kenny Reporter from Community News

Hey neighbours,

It’s a dog’s life, now more than ever.

There are at least 15 cafes or restaurants in Christchurch where your dog can dine too.

The number has continued to rise as new, progressive venues open with a pet-friendly approach.

Click the 'Read More' button to see our list, and please comment below if you know of a dog-friendly place we haven't included.