41 days ago

Merry Christmas...

Nigel from Burnside

Wishing every one out there a Merry Christmas...
Have a safe and enjoyable time with your family and friends..
Special thank you to all the people out there who supported me with there odd jobs during the year...
Merry Christmas from the ''ODD JOB MAN''

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1 day ago

Avonhead Water quality and taste

Emma Luisa from Russley

Hi everyone,
Is your water tastes the same before chlorination? Our water from our tap tastes almost unbearable. It never tastes the same after chlorination introduced. Do you notice the difference? Or its just ours. Can I please hear your thoughts about your tap water?
Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Thanks

6 hours ago


Kendra from Hillmorton

Harvey has been missing for 6 weeks now from torrens road area. She is microchipped and fixed. She was last seen on the 11.12.2019.
I just want my baby to come home. I miss her so much 😥 please let me know if you see her.

1 hour ago

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