283 days ago

Help us fix up our Clubroom Kitchen

Donna Buchanan from Riccarton Players

Riccarton players is a community run, charity status, amateur theatre group in Christchurch www.riccartonplayers.co.nz...
We moved into our new clubrooms 6 months ago after finally being able to find a suitable premises to rehearse, store our costumes, props and sets, have committee meetings and hold social events for our members. It has been a very long journey after losing our theatre in the Christchurch Earthquakes. But we've got through together moving from venue to venue still performing plays, musicals and kids shows - entertaining our community and giving our members a sense of belonging.
Our new premises kitchen leaves a lot to be desired and it is our aim to fit out a kitchen that would be more suitable, efficient and feel like a nice place to meet, share a coffee, a snack and host social events for our members. It currently really only has a sink and a small bench. We'd love to have an oven, decent fridge, bench to prepare food, do the dishes and have instant boiling water.
It would also be a lovely 'reward' for all those who have stuck by us and way to maintain and grow our membership.
A neighbourly AMI Grant would assist us greatly in making this project a reality.

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4 days ago

Should more lights go up at Hagley Oval?

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from The Press

To host international day/night games, Christchurch's Hagley Oval will require six lighting towers, but there's strong opposition to the proposal.

What do you think? Should the lights be installed so the city can host more cricket matches? Or should Hagley Park be left alone? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below.

1 day ago

Tell us about your favourite places in the South Island

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from The Press

We need your help for a series we'll be publishing this summer. Tell us about the best things you can find in the South Island - ie the best place to walk your dog, best playground for kids, best place to stop for a swim, best toilets, best icecream/milkshake, or the best place to stop for lunch.

Share your favourite South Island spots and activities by commenting below (and tell us why you love them), or you can send us a PM or email reporters@press.co.nz

1 day ago

Great Fund Raiser

Lynlea and Robert from Hornby

Hornby Netball Club are running an off season fundraiser with this great promotion.
Here is a little information about the product.
$10 for 10 Juicies.
1. Juicies - come in Mixed Packs - The Healthier Fundraiser
Mixed Packs (1 box = 10 Juicies made up of 4 x Tropical, 3 x Wildberry, and 3 x Orange + One reusable Juicies Holder).
2. They are made from freshly pressed Nelson Tasman apples, blended with delicious fruits and berries.
3. This exclusive mix is not available in supermarkets.
4. They store conveniently in a cupboard with a 9-month shelf life if stored unfrozen.
5. Great to freeze for a delicious summer reviver - 21 months – safely re-frozen if thawed.
6. Are so versatile – baking – icing – mocktails – slushies – emergency ice-pack.
Please comment below if you would like to order a box OR
PM me to place your order with email so I can contact you back with instructions for the payment.
This fundraising promotion will run until Thursday 5th December 2019 to sell as many box orders as you can.
"A Great Summer Promotion Where Everyone WINS"