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Essential Services Update

Plumber (owner) from Kelly Plumbing Services Limited

Hi All 

The team at Kelly plumbing services wishes you all the best for what lies ahead.

We remain open at a limited capacity as urgent plumbing requirements are considered essential services 

Please see detailed what services are deemed essential 

If you have any enquires please do not hesitate to contact us

Please also note we have health and safety systems in place if you do require us for your essential work required - This cost must be passed on during this time 


Kieran Kelly  

Essential Services Update
The COVID-19 Alert Level will become Level 4 on Wednesday 25 March at 11:59pm. This means that all businesses will be closed except for essential services and lifeline utilities.
For our industry, essential services means work related to critical infrastructure, or services immediately needed to maintain human health and safety at home/work.
Under this definition we may continue to perform all plumbing, gasfitting and drainlaying work that is associated with ensuring that the other essential services and critical infrastructure can keep operating.
A description of what is an essential service can be found on the Covid-19 website at this link: covid19.govt.nz...
For example, we can continue to provide our plumbing services to businesses associated with fast-moving consumer goods, food production or key public services. You can also carry out work associated with health services or emergency services.
We cannot, however, continue to provide services to businesses that do not appear on that list.
Under the definition we may also continue to provide plumbing services if they are immediately needed to maintain human health and safety at home/work.

Under this definition the services must:
1. Be needed to maintain human health and safety at home/work; and 
2. This need must be immediate.
Examples of the type of work that would come under this definition include:
• The repair/replacement of hot water cylinders that have failed, as the hot water will be required for sanitation purposes.
• The unblocking and repair/replacement of sanitary waste pipes where there is an immediate threat to human health and safety.
• The repair/replacement of water pipes where there is an immediate threat to human health and safety.
• The repair/replacement of gas piping, fittings and appliances where there is an immediate threat to human health and safety.
Examples of things that would not be included in that definition are:
• The repair of minor leaks.
• The replacement of tap washers.
• Routine servicing.
• The replacement of sanitary fixtures that are working.
The emphasis is on essential repairs, not those that can wait for another day and pose no immediate threat to health and safety.
The lockdown is designed to increase our nation’s ability to fight and stamp out the COVID-19 virus. It is important that all of us play our part in respecting the lockdown if the disease is to be defeated.

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