53 days ago

Heads Up: Canterbury Bus users

Erina from Sydenham

This afternoon our bus driver told us that as from Monday 6th Dec all Canterbury bus timetables will run to the Saturday timetable until further notice. Guestimate at least next three months!
For those of us who rely on buses to meet their work time schedule it could mean a change in bus route or much earlier/later time change! Let's hope our place of work can be flexible/understanding.
I will ask for confirmation at the bus Exchange tomorrow on my way to work and express my concern that we have not been given a reminder or notice of this change in plenty of time to explore alternatives if necessary.

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4 hours ago

Job Opportunities - City Energy Ltd (trading as City Firewood) for Cadet or Experienced Machine Operators

Virinia from Cashmere

Job Opportunities - City Energy Ltd (trading as City Firewood)
Cadet or Experienced Machine Operators

Please see attached advertisement.

Advert for P&H Operator Vacancies January 2022.docx Download View

1 day ago

Exterior wall plaster repair needed

Lisa from Cashmere

I need someone to repair the plaster cladding on an exterior wall that had some water damage... any suggestions for tradesperson?

6 hours ago

Great News Neighbours,

Jagat Kalathiya from IN SITU cafe

Hello Neighbours,
we are for Neighbours and within Neighbours.
Happy to announce 📣 that your local IN SITU cafe is OPEN for 7days. we are open today from 8-2.
come to check it out. love to see you.
Thank you