28 days ago
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4 days ago

Log splitting!

Alan from Beckenham

Does anybody need logs or tree rounds split for their log burner? I have a contact with a transportable log splitter who lives out of town. He will come in if I can add to the amount that I have. Bring yours over on the day, make a small contribution to his fee and head home job done!

10 hours ago

Removed Posts

Tom from Woolston

If your wondering why a post you wrote on this platform has been removed,
and how dare they do that to something you have slaved over!
It's not a Trumpian conspiracy perpetrated by the dark forces of evil lurking in the shadows of Neighbourly!! you must carefully consider the fact that your post is either Rubbish or Gibberish or perhaps a combination of both!! If you feel the need to rant and bleat perhaps you could take a stance in the town square with a megaphone and have your say there, what a great way to exercise your right to free speech that is being denied to you on this platform.

1 day ago

Board how much

Glenn from Woolston

Just wondering how much fellow neighbours charge there kids for the privilege of of living at home when thay have gone and got a full time job