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Adrian from Cashmere

Hi all, here is a modified version of my Covid-19 Poem, which carries an important message. Last version was put on hold because of one word possibly in the text. So hence version two-

Covid Level 4
In Covid Level 4 lock down
We’re told we’re not to roam
So stop that gallivanting around
And stay the heck at home

We’re trying to stop a virus
Nasty to its core
So just turn on the telly
And shut the flaming door

If the day is sunny
Feel free to have a stroll
Take someone from your bubble
As you do your dawn patrol

You can even greet a stranger
If you stay eight feet apart
If they encroach upon your 2 metres
Just drop a silent fart

Unless you’re an essential worker
Healthcare, supermarket, or truck driver
Then stay inside, safe and warm
Ensure you are a survivor

Have a walk, a run, a bike
Take your flaming pick
If you stray outside your bubble
You’ll confirm that you are thick

You should stay close to home
Don’t head into the hills
For, hunting, fishing, tramping
Aren’t the way to get your thrills

Don’t put other’s lives at risk
By heading out on the water
Stay on land, close to home
You know you really oughta

You can head to the supermarket
But please, just be smart
No mountainous piles of bog roll
Spilling from your cart

If we all observe the rules
We’ll support our healthcare workers
So stay at home and do your bit
We’ve got no time for shirkers

Travellers back from overseas
Are questioned at the border
Isolate yourself at home
Or be quarantined is the order

Italy, Spain and USA
Are struggling in their fight
Now is the time to think of others
And get this battle right

Leaders of other countries
Trump, Johnson and ScoMo
Have struggled with decisions
May have reacted far too slow

Ashley Bloomfield and Jacinda
Have been our leaders in this fight
The underlying message
Just do this, we’ll be alright

So please do this for each other
Don’t break the lock down rules
We’re all in this together
We’ve got no time for fools

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Collective Nouns

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