476 days ago

Why choose Montessori childcare for your child?

Carla Beckingsale from Parent Portal

Thinking about Montessori childcare for your little one? Here are some tips to help you make an informed decision: parentportal.co.nz...

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1 day ago

Do you support the teachers' strike?

Georgia Reporter from Stuff

Hi neighbours,

Do you think primary teachers and principals should be striking? Thousands of teachers have taken industrial action on Wednesday, with dozens of rallies planned around the country. They aim to gain attention for better pay, conditions and incentives to attract new teachers. Although about 30,000 people in the profession are involved in the strike, not everyone agrees with it.

So, what are your thoughts on the strike? Do you think teachers deserve better pay? Or should they have stayed around the negotiating table for longer? Are you a teacher or parent with views on the topic? Let us know in the replies!

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5 days ago

Trucks honking their horn

Christina from Waltham

Does anyone know why trucks when passing through Brougham St, and in between Ensors Rd and Opawa Rd honk their horn? At first I thought it was because of road rage, but it happens so often I’m thinking it’s some form of Truckee recognition?

12 days ago

The problem of plastic.

John from Woolston

We all know that plastic has become a huge problem world wide. The problem in our seas and waterways has to be addressed before it is too late. Perhaps a new industry could be started - fishing for plastic.
While any type of plastic is problematic if it is dumped in the environment, it is less so if it is either recycled or placed in licenced land fills.
Recently there has been a huge guilt pressure (by unthinking people) on supermarkets to do away with (single use plastic bags). Personally I believe they have picked the wrong target. So called single use plastic bags can be used over and over again and for a myriad of purposes and when they have fulfilled their purpose they can be responsibly disposed of. I take my plastic bags back week after week when I do my supermarket shopping and with care they last for ages.
I believe the problem that needs to be addressed are all the products that are prepacked and this doesn't only pertain to supermarkets - go to a hard ware shop ! THIS IS WHAT I WOULD DEEM AS BEING ONE USE PLASTIC and is what makes up the majority of plastic waste.
What do YOU think ?