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Free training (How to build a business)

Shirish Paranjape from Community Board member, Fendalton-Waimairi-Harewood C.Board

[Note: I am only sharing the message received from ChristchurchNZ. I do not have any personal or business connection with Rebel Business School. This is also not a recommendation.]

ChristchurchNZ would like to invite you to a new START-UP & GROWTH event coming to Christchurch: Rebel Business School.
The Rebel Business School Pop Up Event is a two-week intensive course on 16-27 August, designed to help you make real progress, quickly without costing you a penny, only time. Rebel Business School will spend every day with you, running interactive sessions and working with you on your business to help you with whatever you need to get going. Start to learn "How to build a business with no money" and see what it is all about.

What Can You Expect?
This course will be 10 days of learning skills and coaching to help you make money doing what you love.
We will help you to:
Start your business for free
Build a great looking website for free
Make money online
Gain the confidence to get what you need
Networking skills to find the people you want and so much more!

Please note there are six days online via live interactive Zoom webinars and four days (Monday 23rd, Tuesday 24th, Thursday 26th and Friday 27th August) in venue at a location in Christchurch with on- & off-street parking and connection to public transport. We will notify every enrolled participant via email as soon as the venue is confirmed.

The participation is limited and we’d like to encourage your clients to sign-up until the end of this month via EVENTBRITE!!!

Anton Holzner
Business Advisor
E: Anton.Holzner@christchurchnz.com
A: BNZ Centre, Level 3, 101 Cashel Street, PO Box 2962, Christchurch 8011

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65-year-old says it's wrong she gets less NZ Super for being married

The Team Reporter from The Press

A married Christchurch woman says it is “ridiculous” she is paid less New Zealand Superannuation than someone who is single and living with another adult.

A married person gets a pension of $817.32 a fortnight, before tax, compared with the $990.20 received by a person sharing with someone who is not their spouse or partner.

“I have a friend who isn't in a relationship, but she's sharing a house, and they share all the expenses, and she's going to end up getting $172.88 more than me a fortnight which is just plain wrong,” said Daphne, who did not want her last name used for privacy concerns.

The combined fortnightly payment for a couple is $1634.64.

The Ministry of Social Development said people in a relationship were more likely to share a wider range of costs and resources than a single person living with another adult.

Read the full story here and tell us what you think in the comments below.

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Inspiration Needed!

Dale from Harewood

I need some inspiration for the best ways to give away dozens of beautiful magazines. Most of them are not very old, and would provide hours of reading and enjoyment.
There is also a collection of Vogue magazines, dating back to the 80’s.
A family member has been an avid buyer/reader, but it’s time to clear them.
I do not wish to dump them. A few examples are included here.
Apart from advertising them on Neighbourly or Marketplace, does anyone know of other places that would be interested?
Many thanks!

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Dear Neighbourly

Matthew from Gardenfresh Greengrocer Bishopdale

Together we stand to keep
prices to be Down!👇👇 Wednesday and Thursday while stock last.
2a Leacroft st Bishopdale.

Carrots 88c kg

Broccoli 88c each!

🍅🍅🍅$9.88 kg🍅🍅

Nz oranges $2.48kg

Lots more deals in store!

Come on in and see the friendly team, where price's are down to make you happy.😁😁😁👍