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Addictive Eaters Anonymous

The Team from Addictive Eaters Anonymous - Christchurch

Addictive Eaters Anonymous (AEA) is a worldwide Twelve Step fellowship based on Alcoholics Anonymous. AEA members have found recovery from binge eating, anorexia, bulimia, other forms of addictive eating and compulsive exercise. Through working the Twelve Steps of AEA, members find peace of mind and the ability to live a meaningful and productive life.

Wherever you are, whatever your problem with food, AEA can help.

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Are your school leavers struggling to find work?

Kelly Dennett Reporter from Sunday Star Times

The Sunday Star-Times is investigating unemployment in young people, particularly those who have just graduated high school or university and are struggling to find work, even part-time work, possibly because of Covid. If you or your child would be willing to speak to us please email warwick.rasmussen@stuff.co.nz.

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Calling all parents - free alternative Halloween event this Saturday from 6pm in Spreydon

Robert and Jeffrey from Spreydon

Hi all

Please note that NO sweets or ghouls (or any other frightful outfits) will be at this event - just some friendly young people looking to provide an evening's light entertainment for your under 8's.

Please note that we are also looking for three local senior school-age (years 11 to 13) or university age students to volunteer to help us out on the night. All training given on-site this Saturday from 4pm (mostly in assisting photographic set-ups for with your whanau on the different static displays that we have available).

Please note that this is a FREE event being offered on Halloween evening being offered to up to 40 families from anywhere in Christchurch this Saturday evening from 6pm - particularly for anyone looking to avoid giving their kids sweets or getting their kids dressed up in frightful outfits!

Please note that we are located in suburban Spreydon.

During lockdown, my son and I worked on creating an indoor and outdoor home "studio" for a proposed Youtube channel involving a (custom-made) fabulous flying fox-puppet called 'Dariys'. The channel is aimed at entertaining and educating children under-8 on aspects of self-care that affect young people from time to time (e.g. learning to share or to consider other people's feelings).

To repeat - no sweets or ghouls (or anything of that nature) will be available for this event! Apologies in advance if we disappoint here

Please note that bookings for the on-site visits on the night are essential as we are very limited in terms of how many we can fit on the section at any one time.

To confirm a 30-minute slot from 6pm please email


We will confirm asap and send you the address and other details as soon as we can.

The small group of young people involved in creating and presenting the proposed Youtube channel really DO want to give a quality, relaxed experience for all the under-8 children that turn up (i.e. getting photographs on the static props with our fabulous winged flying-fox). We figure that we can get about 10 families through every hour if we plan correctly but it's absolutely essential that we don't get more than that or we simply won't cope!!

The home "studio", located in Spreydon, is still yet to commence recording and posting material on the channel (link below) but we would still like to open it up to under-8 children from the district to come and have their parents photograph them on the various static displays that we have available for our recording (including a jet-ski, a fire-engine, a club house and a land-based "fox-mobile"; see pics below).

There is NO charge for this; in fact we have about 100 small gifts to GIVE AWAY to aged 8 or under as a way of marking the first public outing for our fabulous, winged, flying-fox puppet called Dariys.

The Youtube Channel URL can found at:


The website URL promoting the channel can be found at


If you wanted to support our channel, we would be extremely grateful if you could send any posed photographs that you have taken on the night of your kids with our fabulous fox to
so that we can photoshop them in an entertaining way for no charge if you also let us put them up on our fab flying fox website


It's optional of course but we'd love to do some fun photoshopping for you which your kids will remember for a very long time (plus you can put them on Facebook etc...).

Go to the URL site given above to see the kinds of photoshop that we can do for the photographs that you take on the night for no charge if you also let us put them up on our website.

We would also be very grateful if you considered subscribing to our Youtube channel (link below) and viewing the 1-min skits that we hope to start putting online before Christmas.


Thanks for your time reading this. See the pics below to get a better idea of what we are offering

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Minimum wage, no help and on the ladder at 25: here's how they did it

Kylie Klein Nixon Reporter from Homed

I loved talking to Courtney Mason about how she and her husband ben bought their first home. It really offers a lot of hope for folks who might be looking at the property market and wondering what on earth is happening out there these days.
Courtney and Ben were tenacious and bold, and now they're living happily in their Hawke's Bay home.
Have a read and see how they did it, and while you're at it have a listen to our third episode of First Rung, the podcast for first home buyers for a little more inspiration.