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They all had their defining moments. Climate change is ours.
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6 hours ago

Discover a new wine at New World

New World Ilam

"Kia ora – Jeremy Baars from New World Ilam here. Keen to discover a new top drop in time for summer?

My favourite wine from this year’s New World Wine Awards is Stoneleigh’s Latitude Marlborough Chardonnay. It’s an excellent example of the Chardonnay style that customers are loving: rich, creamy and buttery, and full of stone fruit flavours. It goes well with dishes that have rich sauces like pasta or seafood and chicken. If Chardonnay isn’t your type, then give Lindauer Rosé a go – it’s a bottle of celebration and fun that’s good quality and at a great price.”

Come into your local New World and explore the Top 50 Gold-medal winning wines – we have winners for every budget. Plus join us for complimentary wine sampling and try before you buy.
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13 hours ago

Selling your house?

John Harris from Aspiring Kitchens & More

Hello neighbours!
Now, I've been told, by my friends in Real Estate, that the busiest months for selling, are November and February - when the sun is (hopefully!) shining and the mood is good!

They have also told me that the biggest part of the decision-making process in buying a house, is (you've guessed it!) the kitchen!

So, if you have a dated, worn-out kitchen, with loose doors, faded benchtop and/or wooden handles....we can help!

We can quickly turn that old kitchen into a brand-new kitchen look in two/three days.

How? By carrying out our Kitchen Refresh where we replace the kitchen doors, drawer-faces & decor panels, keeping the cabinets, but completely refreshing the kitchen into something that's stunning!

And saving a lot of disruption, time and, of course, dollars!

Of course, if you want, or need, a brand new kitchen, we will design a fantastic new layout on our cutting-edge 3-D VR photo-realistic software, working closely with your ideas, to give you the kitchen of your dreams.

So don't negotiate the house price down because of the kitchen. Refresh that kitchen - and ask for more!

Call our team now on 0800 202 171 or pop into our showroom at 2/7 Halswell Road, Hoon Hay.

Look forward to speaking soon!

John Harris
Aspiring Kitchens

16 hours ago

Bit on the side...

The Team from Resene ColorShop Tower Junction

Make this easy rustic side table and paint in your favourite tonal Resene colours.

Make the most of this weekend with this easy step by step project idea from Resene.

Find out how to create this quick and easy project yourself