342 days ago

Anti-Semitic and fanatical spam in my letterbox

Zoe from Remuera

Hi neighbours,

I received a nasty bit of junk mail in my letterbox this morning and I wanted to see if anyone knew what organisation it can from.

I've attached a pic of the front cover and the booklet entails the coming apocalypse of the USA. I won't go into details, but it goes into great detail about why Jewish people are to blame. Really lovely to receive >.>

More annoying is that there is no indentifying features of an organisation and readers are encouraged to copy and distribute "in any manner they choose".

Any advice on what I can do to get this trite out of my neighbourhood would be greatly appreciated.

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3 days ago

Eastern suburbs bus patronage falling

Andrew from Orakei

I recently did a LGOIMA request to AT to see what the impact of the new routes on patronage was (6 months pre and post intro) - in particular the non-waterfront routes that seem to have nobody on them.

The results were unsurprising - a drop of 53,000 patrons = 20% on comparable routes.

Its a shame that AT won't fix this before trying to wreck Tamaki Drive!

16 days ago

Urgent Need Baby Stuff

Nency from Ellerslie

Any one giving away or selling baby cot/ toddler bed, high chair, baby monitor & mountain buggy. Please let me know :) Thanks

1 hour ago

1 on 1 personal training!!

Francis from Ellerslie

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