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Celebrate Community - March 1st to 31st 🎂

The Team from Neighbourhood Support New Zealand

This month is all about bringing your community together and having a great time! We want March to be all about celebrating the connections we have while making new ones along the way. As we all know, what makes a neighbourhood great isn’t the houses and cars, gardens and streets - it’s the people who share their presence and aroha with each other.

A wonderful way to take part is to participate in Neighbours Day Aotearoa which takes place from 20 - 30th March. This year’s theme is ‘The Great Plant Swap’ - as an easy way for our neighbourhoods to grow stronger together. If you’re hosting an event, make sure to register it on their website: neighboursday.org.nz/join-in

Show us how you’re celebrating community this month by tagging us in your social media posts or emailing us your photos, videos, or experiences to: info@neighbourhoodsupport.co.nz

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Handy Tips

The Team from Wee Jobs

Check out our top 4 tips for keeping safe in this rough weather.

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Wee Jobs Useful Information

The Team from Wee Jobs

Did you know how much you can save by replacing just one 75 watt incandescent lightbulb with a 11 watt LED lightbulb? Check out our post below!

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Border Restrictions Eased

Zingela Property Management Ltd

Visa Options for Partners of New Zealand Citizens and Residents
For partners based in New Zealand and Offshore
Partners of New Zealand citizens or residents who are currently offshore may be eligible to apply for a range of visas which enable them to enter, work in and remain permanently in New Zealand.

The New Zealand borders are currently closed to most travellers, however partners of New Zealand citizens or residents who apply for and receive the appropriate visa will be exempt from the border restrictions and will be able to travel to New Zealand.

Partners of New Zealand citizens or residents who are already in New Zealand (whether on a partnership-based visa or another type of visa) and who wish to remain longer may also be eligible to apply for further visas based on their partnership with a New Zealander.

In order to apply for a New Zealand visa based on partnership with a New Zealander, applicants must be either:

in a de facto relationship with their New Zealand partner; or
married to (or in a civil union with) their New Zealand partner.

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