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Christmas charity

Katalin from St Heliers

Come & support

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What local business will you be supporting in Alert Level 3?

Ripu Bhatia Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Auckland will shift down to alert level 3 lockdown at midnight tonight.

Businesses will be able to operate using contactless options for ordering, pick-up, delivery and payment.

The financial blow of Covid-19 lockdowns on business has been harsh.

Are you planning to support a local business in alert level 3, and if so which one?

2 hours ago

Balance for life still closed

Owner from Balance for Life

Hi my wonderful neighbors

I hope you are healthy and coping.
I have been approached by a few clients if I would be able to see them at level 2 . Some even asked me at level 3. I understand that one can get urgent and even desperate to receive the care, healing and physical touch again which is very much a big part of our holistic massage but unfortunately also the biggest eliminating factor for being possible at Lockdown.
Close contact for 60-90 min in an enclosed room imposes great risks of infection.

The overarching theme within my profession has always been "do no harm", and this is as critical as ever. There are a fair few things that need to be put in place before re-opening my clinic, to make sure I can practice as safely as possible and minimise risk, both for my clients, myself and my family.
Therefore I will stay closed until we are back to level one or other safety measures have been applied.

However, if you would like to discuss an issue or need someone to listen I am happy to hear you.

Much love ❤️

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Wendy from Meadowbank

I am looking to buy what I know as wild Freesias. They are the old fashioned cream ones that have a tinge of mauve in them and are extremely fragrant but any fragrant ones would be great . I would love a pot ( or 2 ) of bulbs . Thanks