29 days ago

Save Water, Money and the Planet

The Team from Auckland Council

Did you know that an efficient showerhead could reduce your carbon footprint AND save you money? Efficient showerheads use around a quarter less hot water than regular ones, that could mean an annual saving of $380 on energy bills. Find out what else you can do at futurefit.nz Learn more

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6 days ago

Traffic congestion on Kohimarama - St Johns roads

Jan from Kohimarama

Does anyone else find that the Felton Matthew lights have caused chaos on Kohimarama / St Johns roads? It now takes up to 20 minutes to make what should be a 6 minute journey to Glen Innes or Stonefields. The lights took long enough to be set up but now there is a constant logjam from St Heliers Bay Road through to Felton Matthew Ave. It is particularly exacerbated by location of the bus stops and by cars parked on the side of the road. Should we as a group be asking/telling the Council to get it sorted ?

1 hour ago


Pam from Glendowie

Please neighbourly, is there no reply to public messages?
This Litera-Tea message is a sponsored message but members have no access to a reply. I feel it needs one on the basis that it suggests that a glamorous tea is something that would attract women (NO!) and that writers advertising their own books need payment (? - not sure about this one but 'teas' shouldn't cost $65 (but Epsom School might like the income - and why not?)). I would have loved to have come and been inspired by these writers but not for $65 and 'tea'.
Neighbourly do you have interaction and criteria for sponsored ads, or are they just 'ads'? Is Neighbourly a community facility or a way of generating income for "Neighbourly'.

2 hours ago

Support to Denise’s cancer healing journey

Anndrey from St Heliers

Hey everyone, my beautiful mother Denise Monteiro needs support in her life battle!

My mom has been such a worrior throughout this whole journey and I admire her courage, strength and positivity.

So that is why I am here asking for your kindness to help her in this journey, to help her to have another chance in life, a chance to see her grandkids, a chance to help others.

Every little help counts and I am sure she will be forever grateful.
So if you are willing, I kindly ask you to please share her donation page with friends and family.

Thanks to you all, have a blessed day. 🍀🙏🏽

Her page: