57 days ago

Anyone remember the 1920s?

Sarah Neighbourly Lead from Remuera

Hey neighbours - if you want something to brighten your day / break up the COVID-19 chat, join the Neighbourly Old Auckland group. Beautiful photos (like this one) and interesting chatter from others in our community who appreciate a reminder of how things used to be.

Speaking of how things used to be, anyone else finding lockdown similar to Sundays in the 1980s?! (sorry - that's as far back as I can remember!)

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1 day ago

Car needed

Gal from Remuera

Hi neighbours,

I'm on a look out for a car, nothing fancy just a reliable run around. If you or anyone you have one for sale please let me know.

Thank you!

1 hour ago

Fragile Delivery Specialists

Devan from Smart Express Limited

If you have a fragile delivery that needs taken care of, Smart Express is here to help. We are fragile delivery specialists.
Click the link to find out what services we can provide www.smartexpress.co.nz...

2 hours ago

WIN: A Resene makeover

Jo Haywood Reporter from Homed

Hey neighbours, everyone's had a part to play in the fight against Covid-19, but here's a chance to say thanks to someone you know who kept working for the benefit of the rest of us - nurses, doctors, pharmacists, teachers, supermarket employees and many, many more.

We're giving away three prizes with Resene, each worth more than $500, including a Resene colour consultation, a $350 Resene voucher and the latest Resene fan decks.

So if you know an essential worker who would love one of these prize packs, click here to nominate them.