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1 day ago


Janine from Saint Johns

Hi Neighbours being a female it's hard to find a good fair mechanic who will not take advantage of us when we need our car fixed. I'm looking for a mechanic to fix a transmission leak but i seem to be getting some ridiculous prices. I was told its the seal. I took my car in for a check just after covid and paid for the check. It went in with no leak! And it came back to me with a leak after they topped it up with fluid. That was not a problem I originally had. Now it's a problem! Can you help recommend someone please. My car is my pride and joy. But I don't want to pay a arm and a leg for it.😣 just want a fair price. Thank you.

11 days ago

Mother help needed

Robyn from Meadowbank


Mon-Fri (20 Hours)

Start Date:


2 Child: (2 years and 11 Months)

$20 an hour


This is a Mother Help role predominately caring for the 11 month old little girl but also assisting Mum with their two year old son. Have you got lots of initiative and are consider yourself proactive, then this is exactly what the family are looking for. You would need to be fully engaged and actively focusing and supervising the children.

The little girl is such a good baby and is relaxed, and confident. Their two year old has lots of energy and needs lots of physical attention, very interactive.

There is the potential for the hours to increase from 8am to 3pm however this would be assessed later in the placement.

20 hours ago

Are your headlights road trip ready?

Scott from Full Beam Headlight Restoration

These cars are now ready for the school holiday family get away.

Are your headlights up to those dark country roads?

Still a couple of free slots left for next week. Book your headlight restoration now at www.fullbeam.co.nz...

See website for photos, reviews and more information.