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Your nearest high quality car dealership

Ichinen Autos

At Ichinen Autos, we supply our customers with quality, reliable vehicles. Our head office in Japan only sends us the best quality cars for the New Zealand market having only one owner prior to each car along with being regularly serviced. We provide better quality cars with better prices by cutting the middle-man cost and this ensures each and car is the best one for our customers.

Supplying our customer's very affordable prices, check out some of the deals:
● 2012 Suzuki Solio - $5,911
● 2014 Nissan March - $6,511
● 2014 Toyota Prius Alpha - $14,811
● 2014 Toyota Corolla Fielder Hybrid - $10,911
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Always dreamed of going to the ballet?

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

Well now you can - live, in your living room.

The Neighbourly team is super grateful to our friends at Royal New Zealand Ballet for their support over the years - so we're excited to be telling our Neighbourly members about their very special event: Live in your Living Room.

This weekend, grab a cuppa and some gingerbread and venture in to the dark, fantastical realm of Hansel & Gretel. Inspired by the old-fashioned magic of silent movies and music hall vaudeville, this ballet will transport you to a magical world with large-scale cinematic effects, world premiere choreography by Loughlan Prior and a specially commissioned score by Claire Cowan.

Live in your Living Room. This curated series of productions from the RNZB archive will be broadcast weekly on Facebook Premiere.

Enjoy performances at Friday 3 April at 7.30pm; Saturday 4 April at 1.30pm and Sunday 5 April at 10.30am.

Find out more at rnzb.org.nz/live.
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Sunday Star-Times

The Team Reporter from Sunday Star Times

In these unprecedented times, news media is classified as an essential service which means you can trust our journalism will continue to be produced, published and delivered. Sunday Star Times provides a vital and trusted source of truth and our journalists are working hard to ensure you remain informed as the situation evolves.

If you want to receive Sunday Star Times delivered to your home, you can visit Sunday Star-Times.

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5 hours ago

Thank You to the 2 guys in a Truck at 10am

Olivia from St Heliers

If anyone knows the 2 guys in a truck that helped my elderly grandmother who had a fall today by Goldie St in St Heliers I am really thankful and grateful you stopped to help. She fell while she was out walking her little black dog and was unable to get up, you guys found her and helped her up when you drove past. She had some grazes but was close to home so refused your offer to ring an ambulance, but had been there a little while as it is so quiet on the roads today. She couldn't tell me anything about you guys or the truck, but maybe someone will see this post and let you know.

Thanks again!!!