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Poll: Have you ever challenged a parking ticket?

Stacey Reporter from Stuff

It's true that you agreed to a legally binding contract as soon as you drove into the parking lot. Thankfully, New Zealand law protects consumers from the exploitative clauses that corporates love to slip in the fine print.

Under contract law, parking companies can only claim for "the actual and reasonable costs they incurred". Charging $65 for a short overstay in an empty carpark is as far from reasonable as you can get.

To find out what to do in this situation, click here

Have you ever challenged a parking ticket?
  • 46.8% Yes, and I won!
    46.8% Complete
  • 32.4% Nah, I jut pay it
    32.4% Complete
  • 20.8% Yes, but I still had to pay
    20.8% Complete
1168 votes
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Who will Goff pick as his "cabinet" ?

Todd Niall Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi Neighbours, Phil Goff arrived back to work to an emptied office on Monday, to start work on his second term as mayor. He has to choose who will be his key lieutenants - the chairs of the main committees. Do you think he should also put councillors back on the board of Auckland Transport? See the story below:

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