39 days ago

'We are so sad': Parents of missing French teen Eloi Rolland search for answers in NZ

Caroline Williams Reporter from Auckland Stuff

French teen Eloi Rolland, who has been missing in Auckland since March 2020, told his family he wanted to bring them to New Zealand.

More than two years after his disappearance, his parents Thierry and Catherine Rolland have finally arrived from France.

They do not know what happened to their son, and they’re desperate for answers.

“We don’t know what’s happened,” Catherine said. “We realise he is perhaps in another place.”

But the couple remain hopeful that Eloi is alive and well and said they would always be there for him.

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Is your broadband bill about to increase? Don't throw money away.

NZ Compare

Spark have recently announced a price increase of $3 - $5 a month for new and existing broadband customers and other providers seem likely to follow suit.

Information collated by our research team has found that tens of thousands of Kiwis are still missing out on hundreds of dollars of savings each year on their broadband bill, because they are failing to shop around for cheaper broadband plans.

We estimate that over 500,000 households would be able to pay less for their broadband each month but many consumers are unaware of the fact that they could be making these savings and people often don’t know where to start when looking for a change in broadband plan or provider.

This is where NZ Compare can help. Our websites are simple to use and if you need more help, our friendly, Auckland based, customer support centre can advise on the most suitable broadband plan for your needs and help talk you through the switch. With unlimited fibre broadband plans available for less than $60 a month why would you pay more?

Find out more at NZ Compare or call the team on 0508 226672

CORRECTION: This post has been amended to clarify that the price of fibre and copper broadband internet services will increase, and that the increase is between $3 and $5 a month, not only $5 a month on fibre broadband plans as previously posted. (Amended at 10.31am, June 23, 2022)

7 days ago

Seriously Concerned About The City I call Home- Auckland !

Maria from Mount Wellington

A walk around Auckland city last night left me in disbelief. The city is falling to rack and ruin. Rates rise and the council have their head in the sand. They have just written of 65 million dollars in scrapping the automation of the container terminal. Some of that is my hard earned money, but whoosh, a flick of a pen and 65 million dollars is down the gurgler. And yet they rely on the likes of me to report dumped rubbish, litter, blocked drains, fallen trees, graffiti etc. because they do not have enough money to be proactive concerning rubbish and so they are only reactive! So they have littered the city central streets with cheap, nasty triangles of leaf littered red carpet (with a trip able edge) with just as cheap, completely out of place, concrete pipe cylinders, AKA planter boxes, full of half dead, half missing, scrappy ? natives sitting on top. Hideous!! Embarrassing! They are used to dispose of rubbish in & cigarette butts and vandalise. There are many shops for lease, (this I can understand post Covid) ram raided broken windows, homeless in many doorways, old phone box debris, bags of rubbish littering the pavements (why they do not have to use bins I do not understand) you have to walk around, graffiti, shop signage dirty and defaced, ugly planters which are unkempt, ugly temporary cheap looking scooter parking, great chunks of the city blocked with construction, speed limits at a snail’s pace, one way or no way on many streets, difficult parking, and no life or vibrancy. This city is really an embarrassment to call my home. Would love to hear from other likeminded Aucklander’s, who care with some real doable ideas that we could do as a group to improve our city as not ready to let go of this city yet!