41 days ago

Saving water

Rosa from Mount Wellington

When we shower we use this $5 plastic bucket and then throw it on the plants.
We use all organic shampoo and dishwashing liquid.
The garden looks fantastic....

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2 hours ago

Hearing aids needed

Elenoa Neighbourly Lead from Glen Innes

Still seeing people driving around more and more cars on the road. Neighbor still gets visitors every. These people probably needs hearing aids or something. Never take it serious. That's selfish. 😠😠

4 hours ago

Let’s pass the time and have fun with this

Milena from Remuera

Refer to your pets as co-worker

13 hours ago

Dental problem?

Glendowie Dental Centre

Hi All,
How’s everyone going so far? During the lock down period, we are happy to help with any dental emergency. Feel free to message me or call 521-2076. I am happy and will do my best to help. Stay safe. Enjoy your time with your family.