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And the 2024 Prospa Local Business Hero is...


A huge congratulations to mother and son duo, Mary and Sam Danielson from The Puketapu Hotel.

The votes for all finalists have been tallied and they have been chosen by Neighbourly members across the country as the Prospa Local Business Hero of 2024.

The Puketapu Hotel was nominated by a local called Margaret and the nomination reads:
'On Feb 14, 2023, Cyclone Gabrielle flooded many of the rural areas. Puketapu Hotel went under perhaps half a meter of water. However, immediately Mary Danielson and her son, Sam Danielson, along with their loyal staff pulled it together to cook copious amounts of food that without electricity would have been wasted. Throughout the years many of us have been treated with a pub gathering where we can reconnect and a free meal. At Christmas there was Santa, games, gifts for kids, donated patchwork for adults, an ice cream truck and lots of camaraderie.
This February on the cyclone anniversary, they again pulled out the stops to give hundreds of us a special night. We are all tired of the cyclone cleanup and they understood that it was needed.'

Such a deserving business and team, well done Mary and Sam. And thank you to all those who voted!

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Do you volunteer or know someone who does?

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

It's NZ Volunteer Week (16-22 June) and we know there are real good sorts in your community.

Often these kind acts and regular volunteering efforts go unnoticed but let's put a stop to that.

Let us know below who is making a difference in your neighbourhood so we can all appreciate them for the great work that they do!

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Riddle time neighbours! Can you crack this?

Riddler from The Neighbourly Riddler

What has a head and a tail but no body?

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Free consultation and free stress relief head/neck/shoulder massage

Evergreen from Evergreen Natural Health Epsom Clinic

Long Covid has great impacts on our life

We offer free mental health consultation and free stress relief head massage. (Limited 5 persons per day, by appointment. First in, first served).

Repeated virus infections such as flu or Covid will result not only in mental stress and anxiety but also in weak immunity and immune disorders, such as repeatedly being caught by flu, Sicca syndrome, etc.

The body's immune complex waste and toxins accumulated over time can lead to multiple conditions such as skin problems, allergies, even cancer, etc.

A virus infection can cause emotional distress and anxiety, you could check if you have the following symptoms after virus infection:
1. Fearful: dark, strangers, being left alone

2. Over-worried, over-thinking, busy mind.

3. Irritability

4. Easily moved to tears

5. Trembling, feeling of restlessness, unable to relax

6. Impatient, easily frustrated mood

7. Sleeping problem

8. Difficulty in concentration, poor memory

9. Tinnitus, vision blurring

10. Feeling of weakness, fainting

11. Palpitations

12. Feel chest constrained, choking feeling, shortness of breath

13. Comfort eating and/or food cravings.

At Evergreen Natural Health Epsom Clinic, we have a qualified and experienced natural health care team with expertise in integrating mental health consultation, acupuncture, moxibustion, cupping, herbal formulas, and relaxation/therapeutic massage, to provide comprehensive treatments:

1. Mental stress, anxiety or depression caused by virus attack.

2. Cleaning immune complex waste and toxins from the body.

Talk to us today to find out the personalised treatment strategy for your conditions.

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