56 days ago

Cozy Christmas Gift Set

Issa from Regalo by KIM

Cozy up this Christmas with this cute gift set 💝


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Price: $25

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9 minutes ago

Gardening Painting and Cleaning Services

Alex & Linda from Alex & Linda

Trimming of hedges and Trees
Removal of weeds and weed prevention
Seasonal Clean-up
Indoor/Outdoor painting
Deck/Fence Painting/Staining
Move in/Move out Cleaning
Spring/Deep Clean-up
Window Washing

Call or Text for free quote
027 944 4449

21 hours ago

Zenith Property Maintenance

Aidan from Saint Johns

Hi Neighbours.

Zenith is a exterior painting and repair company that has over 20 years experience, we have just relaunched after losing employment due to covid and would really love the opportunity to provide quotations for our neighbours.

We have clients who testify to our quality today who we preformed painting projects for over 8 years ago.

Roof repair, cladding repair, painting, waterproofing.

Zenith: 'To aim at the highest possible idea'



or call:

020 4 161 0808

1 day ago

Grooves up or down? Decking debate settled

Kylie Klein Nixon Reporter from Homed

The great kiwi deck, every home should have one. But there's a decking debate raging in DIY and Reno circles: Should the grooves go up or down?
We think we've settled the argument here.