34 days ago

Tyre stabbings for parked cars

Alice from Half Moon Bay

Hi all, just want to put the word out there that there are some malicious people out there stabbing tyres of cars parked on the street, and within easy access on driveways. There seems to be a paper slip or something left on the stabbed cars (I didn't touch them as not my cars so no idea who left it, is it police? or some malicious message from the stabber). Tried to knock on the doors of the neighbour's houses with stabbed tyres, funnily enough no one was home for those 2 houses. ☹
Our cars were thankfully not affected so I don't know if anyone has made a police report yet. (Our street is just behind Pakuranga College connecting onto the little creek reserve.)

EDIT: I noticed 54 on Casuarina Rd has had their window on their sliding door smashed similarly to no. 11 up my street.

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Peter William’s Natural Joint Secret

Koru Nutrition

Peter Williams reports a natural cream that supports his joints and helps to keep him active.

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“Ask for Koru Nutrition’s Koru FX cream next time you’re in the pharmacy and try it for yourself.”
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16 hours ago

repair Shop

Alicja from Bucklands Beach

Welcome! We can help anyone who would like to restore artistic elements in their old homes or religious sculptures with the utmost attention to detail .... You have destroyed your favorite glass figurine. Your precious vase has been broken ... Have you cut off the head of the sculpture, or have you pierced the painting that has been hanging in your family for generations? Don't despair! Do not throw in the trash! Almost everything is repairable. Now New Zealand has its own "Repair Shop and More ..." You can get a free repair quote for your item. Visit our workshop or contact us online at www.therepairshop.co.nz...
Waking Up Old Animation Tom & Jerry from 1954

18 hours ago

Covid-19: Where to get tested and vaccinated in Auckland during Labour Weekend

Caroline Williams Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Kia ora neighbours. It’s still easy to get a Covid-19 test or vaccination, even over Labour Weekend.

On Friday, the Government announced the Auckland, Waitematā and Counties Manukau DHBs would need to have vaccinated 90 per cent of their eligible populations before the Auckland region can leave lockdown.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health is asking residents in New Lynn, Bayswater, Rosedale and Redvale to get tested if they are unwell, due to a concerning number of cases in those areas.

We’ve put together a list of all the vaccine and testing centres that are open for all or part of the long Labour Weekend. Click 'read more' for the list.