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Poll: What is the smallest size hearing device Triton Hearing offer?

Triton Hearing

Some kiwis think hearing devices are big and ugly.

What if we told you technology has advanced substantially and they’re available in all shapes, colours, and sizes?

Go in the draw to win* a $40 MTA voucher when you share your answer to the
question below. Give it a go!

*T&C’s apply – must be over 18.
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What is the smallest size hearing device Triton Hearing offer?
  • 88.1% a) The size of a pea
    88.1% Complete
  • 4.5% b) The size of a AAA battery
    4.5% Complete
  • 7.4% c) The size of a $2 coin
    7.4% Complete
579 votes
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34 minutes ago

Emergency Dentist Open SUNDAY.

Howick Dental Surgery

We are open on Sunday (Emergency Only):- 9:00am to 1:00pm.

1 day ago

New Patient Special $59.

Howick Dental Surgery

Hi Neighbours
We have special deal for new patient. Include dental Exam, X-ray and intraoral 3D scan.

Call us: - 095347465
email us at: - reception@howickdental.co.nz
Condition: - Deal only valid for Wednesday with Dr Lizelle Borges.

Howick Dental Surgery
6 Walter Macdonald Street, Howick