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Come work with us!

The Team from Neighbours Day Aotearoa

OPPORTUNITY 🙌🏼 Are you a change-maker in your community and looking to join an awesome social movement?

We might have the perfect role for you!

Neighbours Day Aotearoa (NDA) is looking for a community-minded people to activate the Neighbours Day kaupapa through their existing networks and connections. We are looking for 13 Neighbours Day Aotearoa Connectors to join the team and help us activate NDA across the motu.

What the role could involve?

- Meeting with a community local group and encouraging them to hold an event
- Visiting a local library to drop off posters
- Spreading the Neighbours Day Aotearoa message at your local Marae
- Chatting with people in the street and encouraging them to do something neighbourly
- Stopping by the community garden to let them know about the Neighbours Day theme for 2022

We have a dedicated team that will work alongside you and training is provided. www.neighboursday.org.nz...

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Do police need to tighten the Auckland-Waikato border case cases rise?

Todd Niall Reporter from Community News

Kia ora neighbours, With Covid-19 daily cases in Auckland forecast to double, police won't say whether boundary controls have tightened since rural locals reported higher volumes of traffic on cross-boundary back roads. Read the story below:

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I'm sorry and apologize to the people who become emotional for my comments about them for their behavior and attitude towards me and my property - Qiubo (David) Su

Qiubo (David) from Half Moon Bay

Dear All,

(please let me know if there is any information in this post make you uncomfortable, so I can modify it. thanks)

1) This is my apology and sorry to the people who should make apology to me also

Since I started to develop my own ICT tech business and its products, and simultaneously operated a small property renting business in the same place, as always being independently without the help from anyone else, and managing my flatmates according to the property flatting agreement, this makes my flatmates and the other people, e.g. my neighbours and the other external people (I already mentioned about these people for many times before, so not repeating them here again) unhappy, anger, embarrassing, feeling bad about themselves, so they have been conspiring together to make troubles to me and to my property, spread rumors around to defame me and my property, for their collective advantages.

To communicate with the society, the public, to disclose their conducts, behaviors towards me and my property, I made comments about them, with some expressive phrases, words to vividly describe their behaviors and conducts, in a funny, joking, humorous way (the phrases and words are enclosed in double quotes), and this might make some of them even more embarrassing. I’m sorry and apologize if these expressions make them emotional.

2) I list the conducts, behaviors of these people, and the rumours spread about me by these people below, and I require these people to say sorry to me, to make an apology to me also. Thanks.

a) I was born and grew up in a very well educated family in Beijing, China, however some people (among the above mentioned people) have been conspiring together to spread rumors that I was from the countryside, from a poor family.
b) I have very good education in both China and in New Zealand, majoring in ICT technology engineering from the top universities in both countries, however these people spread rumors that I haven’t had university education in both countries.
c) I have a very good professional career background in both China and in New Zealand, however these people spread rumors that I haven’t worked in China, even haven’t in New Zealand either, and I illegally immigrated to New Zealand.
d) I have been a very good independent student in both China and in New Zealand, however these people spread rumors to the public that I wasn’t an independent good student at schools, while I copied assignments from my classmates.
e) My professional career background in China was the Electronics engineer, and was IT/Telco engineer in New Zealand, however these people spread rumors around that I’m not good at technology, while I’m from a farmer background, I was a salesperson when I was in China.
f) I have been a confident, competent and physically healthy and mentally tough individual, however these people spread rumors to the public that I’m not confident and unhealthy.
g) During the Covid-19 pandemic period, I have been in the 2nd to none isolation mode, have been keeping myself in great health condition, physically and mentally and have already done my 2 Covid-19 vaccination before 5th Oct., but these people have been spreading rumors to the public that I have virus, have flu, unhealthy, distressed and haven’t done Covid-19 vaccination yet.
h) My mother passed away in Oct. 2015, however these people don’t show empathy to me and my other family members, even worse they spread rumors around to insult me and my family members. These people are evil, insensitive and ruthless.
i) My property has been in very good condition, even in the very harsh windy rainstorm winter season, however these people conspired together to spread rumors around that my property was in poor quality condition, and had water leaking issues during the rainy winter season.
j) I have been independently working on my own for the tasks of developing my own ICT tech business and its products, for the home DIY handy-man tasks to maintain, improve and innovate my own property, however these people spread rumors that some of my flatmates, some of my neighbours and some other people had ever helped me with these tasks.
k) Whenever I do the garden work in my garden, prepare foods in my kitchen, do exercise in my garage, some of the neighbours close to my property can peek at me, mornitor me. This is illegal harassment behavior. I have no interest in any of them, never have any interaction with them, however they spread rumors that I’m interested in them. They even consider it a harassment to them when I work in my own garden and do exercise in my own garage. They’re nonsense, vexatious.

3) these people see me haven’t been working for others for years, and have been relying on the money I owned by myself to support myself, to develop my own Tech business and its products, and pay the mortgage of my own property purchased at 2006, so they conspire together with my flatmates, with my neighbours, to make troubles to me and to my property, spread rumors to the public to defame me and my property, to destroy my reputation and the reputation of my property renting business. This has a very negative impact to my personal life, to my career and business development, their ultimate goal is to make me have financial loss, make me difficult to find a suitable job matching my background, and end up of have to sell out my property, so they can have the chance to get it at a low price they expect. This is organized crime. According to New Zealand legislation, this is criminal behavior. Please have a check with the New Zealand legislation to understand that their behavior is criminal behavior, as they conspire together to make organized crime for the goal of money.
I'm sorry and apologize to these people if they become emotional for my comments about their behavior and attitude towards me and my property, and I deserve their apology to me also.

(update –
a) I hardly drink alcohol at my own place, if not no-drinking at all, while I only drink some wine/beer when I participate in some Technology networking social events, however some of my neighbours close to my property spread rumors around that I drink a lot and am drunk. They’re just nonsense, vexatious. I think they might drink a lot, and are very drunk
b) sometimes when I worked in my garden, some neighbours close to my property intended to approach me, but I ignored them, kept silent (silence is a virtue, a very popular oriental ancient saying), as their very poor attitude, behavior towards me and my property, so I don’t want to deal with them. however they spread rumors that I was deaf, couldn't listen to their voices. I have a mental problem, not sensitive to voices. I think they're insensitive, their mind is very slow. This isn’t my problem, while it is theirs
c) when I run outside or do exercise inside my garage, to release energy, to sweat, to keep me fit and healthy, to be relaxed, to make me from strength to strength, these neighbours spread rumors that I’m unhealthy, my body is cold, so I need to do exercise to warm up my body, they even say I take drugs (as a New Zealand citizen living in New Zealand for nearly 25 years, I have almost never seen a doctor or gone to hospital, no need to say taking drugs or taking medication, as I know this isn't a good approach to making people healthy and fit. However this doesn’t mean I can’t take medication, or am allergic to medication. When I was in my childhood, I was the same as most of the other Chinese children at that era, taking seasonal medication according to the doctors’ prescription, the remained light yellow color on my teeth now is the effect of taking tetracycline medication when in my childhood), which is nonsense and vexatious. When I do the lawn in my garden, I always wear clothes covering all my body, even in the very hot summer season, as the very powerful side discharge lawn mower can blow away the grass debris into the air when cutting the lengthy grass. However, these neighbours spread rumors that my body is cold, so I need to wear clothes to cover all my body to keep me warm in the garden. Anyone has common sense medical knowledge can tell they're ignorant
d) In recent months I have been working on the tasks listed in my website cloudtelephony.win hosted in the computer server at my home office. The other websites smartracksolutions.com, smartracksolutions.info and traceboard.co.nz are hosted at the same computer server also. I alone built this online hosting and web systems within 2 months in 2010, and then hardly touched it at all until a few months ago, starting to upgrade everything around it, to improve it to a much more modern, advanced level. However, these neighbours spread rumors that they have ever helped me with these tasks (nonsense, they don't have this skills and competence, I don't need any help from anyone of them, and there is no need to explain this further), while I have been working on the home DIY tasks to improve my property to sell to them. They’re nonsense, vexatious. My property has been in very good condition, and I don't need to and have no plan to work on it until I have done the tasks listed in my website cloudtelephony.win, and I have no plan to sell my property to anyone either)

Just FYI.

Best regards,
Qiubo Su

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Grow an extra row


While some Kiwis are enjoying home grown vegies, many are going without vegetables altogether.

This National Gardening Week we’re encouraging gardeners to grow-an-extra-row to share with neighbours, community pantries, food banks and other local food donation agencies.

To help get your extra row underway Yates is lending a helping hand.

Just register online HERE between 1st and 25th October to receive a FREE packet of Yates Vegie Seeds.

Once you’ve grown your vegies to share (or if you have spare now) please visit HERE to find a list of the organisations that would welcome your donation of fresh homegrown vegies.
Find out more