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Venluree Venetian Blinds

Managing Director from Venluree

Venluree Venetian Blinds are a tried and proven blind for windows that give you the

flexibility to transform any room in the house into a vibrant or elegant environment.

Venluree Aluminium Venetians Blinds make it easy to dress up your windows.
These blinds can really transform a room’s look. The colors and the type make a
huge difference. If you are one of the people who like an elegant and clean look to
your home then Aluminium Venetians Blinds are the perfect choice for you. Not
only do these look absolutely stunning in a room but these are also extremely
convenient. The look of your entire home can transform.

For blinds, curtains, shutters and awning enquiries please call our friendly team on
0800 501 841 or email sales@venluree.co.nz

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Do your curtains & blinds need a professional clean?

The Team from Textile Cleaning Services Ltd

Are your curtains or blinds stained? Mildewed? Spreading harmful mould spores or unpleasant odours?

Come talk to our specialist curtain and blind cleaners!

Breathe new life into your curtains when you choose to have them professionally cleaned and repaired.

Textile Curtain Cleaning has you completely covered. Our experienced curtain and drape cleaning team know exactly how to remove ugly stains, blemishes and marks from your window furnishings.

We have been cleaning curtains and blinds for Aucklanders for over 20 years so come and see us at 5A Kaimahi Road, Wairau Park or visit our website.

For professional curtains and blind cleaning throughout Auckland, please contact Textile Curtain Cleaning to obtain your free quote.

Open Mon - Fri 9am - 5pm
Saturday 9am - 12pm
Call us 09 473 5350
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