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Explore our beautiful and spacious apartments at Bruce McLaren Retirement Village

Bruce McLaren Retirement Village

Located close to Botany town centre on Chapel Road, the village features architecturally designed independent apartments, serviced apartments, and a care centre, that are all set amongst beautifully landscaped gardens.


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13 hours ago

HOT CONCRETE and DOGS PAWS, remember people wear shoes dogs DONT!

Marie from Howick

Why are we still seeing so many people choosing to walk their dogs at the hottest times of the day, as an example would you or your child take that same walk barefoot in that same heat, no most of you wouldn’t and most wouldn’t expect it of their children either, not to mention most children certainly would not walk on hot concrete anyway and would often end up being carried because the concrete is obviously hot and uncomfortable for them.

So why then would anyone think it was a great idea to take a dog with its sensitive paws that is clearly covered in a coat of fur on a walk during the hottest times of the day when obviously the concrete will be at its hottest. Hmmm

I challenge those who choose to walk their dogs on the hot concrete during the hottest hours of the day to do so in their winter jacket and barefoot and see just how comfortable you find your walk, then maybe you can have a better understanding of why it just make sense to walk your dog during cooler hours.

For the love of our pets.

7 hours ago

Prospa funding helped boost monthly turnover


Sandy Urwin wanted to expand the retail offering within her small business Animal Natural Health Centre.

She considered raising funds by selling a stake to an investor but didn’t want to compromise on quality or her vision for the business. She decided to partner with Prospa to achieve her dreams.

A small business loan helped Sandy increase the variety and volume of stock available for customers – ultimately boosting monthly turnover.
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Stuck on what to study?

Manukau Institute of Technology

Join us at our info session and be set for your study journey at MIT. Register now