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Auckland dog walkers face confrontation due to outdated signs at parks and beaches

Ripu Bhatia Reporter from Rodney Times

Hi neighbours,

Outdated signs are causing confusion over whether dogs are permitted on parks and beaches after a recent change in rules.

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9 hours ago

Have you won a SIX60 double pass?

The Team from

Another 10 double passes to SIX60 have been drawn for our Neighbourly members! We have 100 double passes to give away as well as an exclusive concert by one of the supporting acts from the SIX60 tour.

To be eligible, make sure you are a verified Neighbourly member (need a hand verifying your address? Click here). We’ll also need to see you being more Neighbourly, whether it’s posting to your neighbourhood, replying to questions or inviting your neighbour to join the site (we’ve put together a few ideas here).
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EducateMaths Certificates awards Week 9

Principal Director from EducateNZ - Maths Tutoring

EducateMaths Congratulates Student Maths Achievers
Week 9 Term 4.

Week 9 is the last week of tuition for 2019.

The EducateMaths Breakup is 18th December, where we celebrate all students progress, and recognise students who have made significant gains in their Math achievement.

The picture celebrates our student's and achievers for Week 8, Term 4.

Week 9 Term 4 Secondary / Intermediate Awardees......

Gold Achievement certificate:

Chris Y10 6 Achieved 2 Merit 3 Excellence - 19 points

Silver Achievement certificate:

Che` Y7 3 Achieved 1 Merit 1 Excellence 8 points

Ricardo Y10 3 Achieved 1 Merit 1 Excellence 8 points

Bronze Achievement:

Courtney Y7 3 Achieved 2 Merit 7 points

Primary and Intermediate Certificate Awardees

Gold Certificate:

Xavier Y3 3.12 weeks Maths Age progress

Olivia U Y6 212 minutes maths practice

Xavier Y3, 9 Maths Progressions

Silver Certificate:

Leighton Y3, Ada Y6, Aalijah Y6: 2.6 weeks Maths age progress

Ada Y6: 143 minutes Maths Practice

Aidan Y3, Knixon Y4: 7 Maths progression

Bronze Certificate:

Sarcha Y4: 2.08 weeks Maths Age progress

Knixon Y4: 110 minutes Maths Practice

Ada Y6, Aalijah Y6, Olivia U Y6, Lachlan Y6, Toni Y8: 5 Maths Progressions

EducateMaths congratulates the above students on their maths practice, achievment and progress.

EducateMaths is pleased to see the progress students are making. Students who consistently practice 100+ minutes of maths each week make good progress

If you want to know more about EducateMaths please see

Check out the parent reviews on our website.

mob 0272295622: