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Maths Achievement and Progress Celebrated Term 3

Principal Director from EducateNZ - Maths Tutoring

EducateMaths Congratulates Student Achievers
Term 3

Our celebration photo this week is Che`.
Gold Certificate for Term 3 and Gold Certificate for Week 10.
With the school holidays it was not possible to get photo's of the other certificate awardees.

Term 3 Overview Intermediate/ Secondary Awardees......

Gold Achievement certificate: 91 points
Che` Y8 27 Achieved 11 Merit 14 Excellence

Silver Achievement certificate: 81 points
Kevin Y8 45 Achieved 6 Merit 8 Excellence

Bronze Achievement 46 certificate points
Brooke Y8 20 Achieved 4 Merit 6 Excellence

Highly Commended
Rosa Y8 45 Achievement certificate points
39 Achieved 2 Excellence
Brooke Y8 44 Achievement certificate points
20 Achieved 4 Merit 6 Excellence

Term 3 Overview Primary and Intermediate Certificate Awardees

Gold Certificate:
Xavier Y3 1.09 yrs Maths Age progress
Estelle Y8 269 average per week minutes maths practice
Xavier Y3 12.5 Maths Progressions average per week

Silver Certificate:
Carlos Y3 40.6 weeks Maths age progress
Alex M Y6, 195 average per week minutes maths practice
Daniel Y5 11.8 Maths progressions average per week

Bronze Certificate:
Brandon Y8, 36.4 weeks Maths Age progress
Xavier Y3 average per week minutes maths practice
Brandon Y8: 9.9 Maths progressions average per week

EducateMaths congratulates all students in their practice, achievement and progress Term 3. Consistent practice is 'key' to accelerating maths age progress.

We at EducateMaths hope our students have had a wonderful holiday break and are ready for another term of great progress.

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