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Maths Results Week 4 Term 3 EducateMaths

Principal Director from EducateNZ - Maths Tutoring

EducateMaths Congratulates Student Achievers Wk 4 T3 2019.

Pictured are certificate awardees from Week 3. Certificates were awarded for Achievement, Improvement, Practice and Progressions in Maths.

Week 4 Term 3 Intermediate/ Secondary Awardees

Gold Achievement certificate: 21 points
Kevin Y8 5 Achieved 2 Merit 4 Excellence

Silver Achievement certificate: 11 points
Brooke Y8 3 Achieved 1 Merit 2 Excellence

Bronze Achievement certificate
Olivia Y8 2 Achieved 1 Merit 1 Excellence

Primary and Intermediate Certificate Awardees

Gold Certificate:
Xavier Y3 6.24 weeks Maths Age progress
Estelle Y8, 289 minutes Maths Practice
Toni Y8, Xavier Y3 12 Maths Progressions

Silver Certificate:
Aidan Y3, 5.72 weeks Maths age progress
Aidan Y3 186 minutes Maths Practice
Aidan Y3 11 Maths Progressions

Bronze Certificate:
Daniel Y5: 4.68 weeks Maths Age progress
Alex M Y6, 182 minutes Maths Practice (currently overseas)
Brandon Y8, Alex B Y6: 10 Maths Progressions

EducateMaths are looking forward to great Maths practice each week and the continued progress of students in Term 3.

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Our kinda kindness at AMI

AMI Insurance

When a Christchurch school lost four classrooms to fire, retired AMI Branch Manager Philip Buckingham knew how he could help.

Philip – “ When one of our offices is relocated or refitted as a flexi workspace, there are all sorts of useful items left behind — stationery, file cabinets, chairs, desks, computer monitor arms. For years now, we have gathered it all up and donated it to schools; initially those hit particularly hard by the Christchurch earthquakes. It’s hard to explain, but it’s just in our DNA at AMI to help people. After the Russley School fire, there was an urgent need to get the kids some stationery. On my way home, I went to the school and spoke with the principal, Greg Lewis. We couldn’t have asked for a better principal for the school, he is such a great guy.”

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Do more of what you love!

Evelyn Page Retirement Village

Ryman living saves you time for the moments that matter
Experience our retirement villages


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GARAGE SALE - Sunday 8th December (8am - 11am).

Shelley from Silverdale

155 Colonial Drive, Silverdale.

We need to empty our garage and have a number of items that may be handy to others. Ikea wooden shelving units (good for garage storage kids rooms etc), preserving jars (3 boxes new), children's body boards, bike buggy, rollerblades and skateboards, children's books, toys, shoes and good quality clothing, clothes airers, DVD's, CD's, printer/scanner, anti fatigue mat, cork notice boards, etc! Also Orewa College Uniform (boys year 9/10 and girls year 7).