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Maths Results Week 9 EducateMaths

Principal Director from EducateNZ - Maths Tutoring

EducateMaths Congratulates Student Achievers Wk 9 Term 2.

Pictured are Certificate awardees from Week 8.

Certificates were awarded for Maths; Improvement, Practice and Progessions.
Johrne Y6, Estelle Y8, Olivia Y8, Brooke Y8, Joshua Y3, Brandon Y8, Che' Y8, Luke Y8, Lincoln Y7 and Brianna Y4.

EducateMaths is a New Zealand Company founded by Steve Cornelius. EducateMaths through its national network of tutors is able meet the needs of students where ever they live. The internet is a powerful medium for Maths Tutoring.

Week 9 Secondary/Intermediate Certificate Awardees..

Gold Achievement certificate
Che' Y 7 - 8 2 Achieved 1 Merit 2 Excellence
Kevin Y 7 - 8 2 Achieved 1 Merit 2 Excellence

Silver Achievement certificate
Brooke Y 7 - 8 6 Achieved 1 Excellence
Declan Y 9-10 3 Excellence

Bronze Achievement certificate
Olivia Y 7 - 8 6 Achieved

Week 9 Primary and Intermediate Certificate Awardees

Gold Certificate:
Xavier Y3, 5.72 weeks Maths Age progress

Silver Certificate:
Brandon Y8, Toni Y8
4.68 weeks Maths age progress

Bronze Certificate:
Aidan Y3, Brianna Y4, Alex B Y6, Joshua Y3 and Luke Y8
3.12 weeks Maths Age progress,

EducateMaths believes in results. We celebrate students and recognize their achievements by publishing weekly results.

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Auckland Council has alerted beach-goers to 39 city spots that have a "high risk" of illness from swimming.

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