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Maths Results Week 7 Term 2 EducateMaths

Principal Director from EducateNZ - Maths Tutoring

EducateMaths Congratulates Student Achievers Wk 7 Term 2.

Pictured are Certificate awardees from Week 6. Certificates were awarded for Maths Improvement, Maths Practice and Maths Progessions;

Lachlan, Johrne, Estelle, Poppy, Brandon, Che', Joshua, Toni, Zak and Matthew

Week 7 Secondary/Intermediate Certificate Awardees..

Gold Achievement certificate
Che' Y 7 - 8 6 Achieved 3 Merit

Silver Achievement certificate
Harry NCEA 1 3 Achieved 1 Excellence

Bronze Achievement certificate
Zak Y 9 - 10 1 Achieved 1 Excellence
Chris Y 9 - 10 2 Achieved 1 Merit

Week 7 Primary and Intermediate Certificate Awardees

Gold Certificate: Brandon Y8,
4.68 weeks Maths Age progress

Silver Certificate: Kevin Y8, Alex B Y6
3.64 weeks Maths age progress

Bronze Certificate: Joshua Y3 and Luke Y8
3.12 weeks Maths Age progress,

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Poll: What do you think is the common reason Kiwis fail their driving test?

The team Reporter from Stuff

Hi neighbours,

There is one common reason that is accounting for one-quarter of all immediate failures of driving tests - out of the options below, what do you think is the common reason Kiwis don't pass the test? Vote in our poll.

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What do you think is the common reason Kiwis fail their driving test?
  • 18.5% Failing to giveway
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  • 18.8% Travelling above the speed limit
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  • 23.2% Not stopping at stop sign
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  • 39.5% Not checking blind spots/mirrors
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Consumer NZ says nine out of 20 sunscreens don't provide protection they claim

The Team Reporter from Stuff

Hi neighbours,

Does the sunscreen you use offer the protection it claims on the label?

Consumer NZ has found nine out of 20 sunscreens they tested do not.

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Celebrating 90 years

The Team from Auckland Museum

Imagine receiving this pamphlet in your letterbox. Would you be compelled to donate?

In 1923 this was sent out to Auckland's citizens, requesting help to raise the remaining £50,000 of the total £200,000 which was needed to build the new Auckland War Memorial Museum. It included a call to donate, initial drawings of the planned Museum and a list of early donors.

The people of Auckland came through and all the funds were raised! The new Auckland Museum was opened on 28 November 1929.

We’re celebrating 90 years of Auckland Museum in Auckland Domain. Read more about the origins of the building here.
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