38 days ago

What's On: Gospel Services

Allison from Papakowhai

All are welcome to attend Gospel Services at the Crofton Downs School Hall on Wednesdays from 7:45pm. Teachings of Christ from the Bible.
Gospel Services
  • Crofton Downs School
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9 hours ago

I need help

Rose from Strathmore Park

Hi neighbours ,
I need help
I have got a laptop but the HDMI of my laptop not working. I tried to connect the laptop to the TV but I couldn't , it seems HDMI port not working. Any body could fix my laptop?
I am really appreciated.

4 days ago

Poll: Will you be celebrating Halloween?

The team from Neighbourly.co.nz

Halloween is coming up on October 31, and there'll be lots of spooktacular-ly dressed trick or treaters around the neighbourhood!

Are you looking forward to seeing them? Will you be celebrating Halloween?

Will you be celebrating Halloween?
  • 19% I love it - one of my favorite times of the year
    19% Complete
  • 4.6% I use it as an excuse to dress up!
    4.6% Complete
  • 14.9% Hate it - we shouldn't celebrate evil and darkness
    14.9% Complete
  • 30.5% It's a nuisance - I won't be answering the door on the night
    30.5% Complete
  • 31% It's just like any other day for me
    31% Complete
410 votes
16 hours ago

What's On: Heritage Rose Garden opening day

Peter from Wilton

Come and enjoy the gorgeous spring rose display at Otaki's renowned heritage rose gardens. $5 entry fee. Tea/coffee/snacks available for purchase. Rose plants for sale. Hope to see you there.
Heritage Rose Garden opening day
  • Trinity Rose Gardens