32 days ago

Looking for bricks

Emilio from Newtown

Hi there,
I'm looking for bricks to build a bbq. Thanks

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12 hours ago

Poll: Should Wellington city councillors get a free lunch?

Katie Townshend Reporter from Dominion Post

There's no such thing as a free lunch, unless you're a Wellington City councillor.
Six years after Andy Foster led moves as a councillor to scrap catered lunches at committee meetings - saving ratepayers $40,000 - the new mayor has now decided to reinstate them. He said the backflip followed pressure from councillors, while also promising to spend less on the midday spread than previous councils. "People felt when you didn't have lunches provided on days when you were working through [into the afternoon], councillors tended to disappear all over the place to get lunch. It reduced team bonding." What do you think- should councillors get lunch provided?

Should Wellington city councillors get a free lunch?
  • 7.5% Absoultely
    7.5% Complete
  • 24.3% Only if it's a modest spread
    24.3% Complete
  • 68.2% No way
    68.2% Complete
374 votes
2 hours ago

First pick clothes sale, Houghton Valley School

Karen from Southgate

This coming Saturday, November 16th, we will be hosting a first pick sale of a selection of the best clothes donated so far for our upcoming School Fair. We have had some great donations of clothes - adult and children's. Come along to the community hall to browse at your leisure. Refreshments are available and a fun time guaranteed!

4 hours ago

Part time Jobs

William from Strathmore Park

Hey Neighbours,

My name is William Paget and I'm a 14 year old at St Pats College, I'm currently searching for part time jobs e.g. dog walking, lawn mowing, babysitting, pet sitting and others.

I have been paper deliverer via Reach media for just on 4 years. I own a 6 year old lab named Kc which I walk and feed daily. I frequently babysit my 6 & 10 year old cousins and have done a couple other babysitting jobs. I like to believe I'm a very honest and trustworthy guy and i'm very committed to doing the best I can in all things.

If you would Like me to do any jobs please leave a comment or feel free to contact me.

Contact Me at

Email: William.paget@stpats.school.nz
Mobile: 021 088 17465