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Petitions to manage the impacts of EQ-prone building legislation

Geraldine from Te Aro

Inner City Wellington has launched two petitions in response to concerns raised at a public meeting of residential owners in earthquake-prone buildings. Information on the meeting is available on our website, under Library - EQ seminars ... (www.innercitywellington.nz)

Petition for comprehensive support

Calls for the Government to provide comprehensive financial, technical and advisory support interventions for residential owners in earthquake-prone buildings.

More information on this petition and a link to sign the petition is in the first attached document.

To sign petition: copy and paste direct link:

Petition to review the earthquake-prone provisions in the Building Act 2004

Calls for the Government to undertake a review of the earthquake-prone provisions to take account of the significantly higher strengthening costs compared to those used in the policy process, the stretched engineering and construction sectors, and the need to focus scarce resources on public safety priorities.

For more information and a link to the petition, see the second document below.
To sign petition, copy and paste this direct link: www.parliament.nz...

Thank you for your support.


Petition calling for comprehensive support for residential owners in earthquake prone buildings (July 2019).docx Download View

Petition calling for a review the earthquake-prone provisions (July 2019).docx Download View

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Poll: What is the top issue you want the local council to focus on?

The team from Neighbourly.co.nz

The local elections are a great opportunity to decide on who we want to represent our communities over the next three years. With elections just around the corner, this is a good time to pinpoint the issues that affect you and are important to you.

Being clear on this is a first step in knowing what you want your local councillors to support or who to vote for. What are the issues you want your next local council to focus on?

What is the top issue you want the local council to focus on?
  • 15.5% Rates
    15.5% Complete
  • 17.1% Housing
    17.1% Complete
  • 7.1% Roads
    7.1% Complete
  • 36.8% Public transport
    36.8% Complete
  • 1.6% Water
    1.6% Complete
  • 4.5% Waste
    4.5% Complete
  • 9.4% Climate + environment
    9.4% Complete
  • 5.5% Infrastructure
    5.5% Complete
  • 2.6% Local facilities (like parks and libraries)
    2.6% Complete
310 votes
3 days ago

Have you changed your commuting habits?

Katie Townshend Reporter from Dominion Post

Driver shortages, power outages and timetable changes are affecting Wellington's public transport, while the roads are increasingly congested and slowed by roadworks. How are you dealing with commuter frustrations? Have you changed your commuting habits in the past year? (Please mark comments not for print NFP)

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Meet the volunteers removing deadly ghost nets from the ocean

The Team from Ghost Fishing NZ

About a month ago the team at Ghost Fishing HQ and Healthy Seas HQ let us know that National Geographic were coming to interview and video our team in action here in New Zealand. We were astonished!

We spent a few days filming with the Nat Geo team and recovered a 40-50 metre ghost net in some of the worst conditions Wellington had to offer.

The documentary of the mission and recovery has just gone live on Nat Geo.

We're so proud of the Ghost Fishing team and what we have achieved here in New Zealand out of sheer tenacity, teamwork and community.

Feel free to share and enjoy.