49 days ago

Changes to kerbside rubbish - green waste

Simone Borgstede from Wellington City Council

At the moment, Wellingtonians put around 130 tonnes of green waste from their gardens in their kerbside rubbish each week which breaks down in the landfill, producing methane gas - a big contributor to climate change.

As part of our new waste bylaw, yellow rubbish bags cannot contain more than 10% green waste.

But don’t worry! When you bring your green waste to the Southern Landfill it will be turned into Capital Compost – and it only costs $5 to dispose of up to 85kg!

For more information about the bylaw and alternative ways to deal with your green waste, visit:


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3 hours ago

Poll: Do you plan to visit Aussie

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

The first Australians will be arriving in Wellington today. Have you any plans to go to Australia? Where would you go?

Do you plan to visit Aussie
  • 10.3% Yes
    10.3% Complete
  • 69.2% No
    69.2% Complete
  • 20.5% Not sure, will wait and see
    20.5% Complete
117 votes
12 minutes ago

Looking for a driveway or a room/studio

Giulia from Newtown

Hello lovely neighbours,

Me again :)

My partner and I recently moved into a bus and we as much as we love it we also feel the need to have another space where we can expand a little and use as need be.

What we are after is a little studio/room, can be basic as long as we can throw a couch/bed and a desk in there. We would also like to have street access/a driveway to park the bus, ideally with power/water access.

We are looking anywhere both in town and out of town (Petone or Lower Hutt, as long as it’s on the train line).

We probably wouldn’t be there all the time, basically we would like the option to come and go as we please and use that space as a base.

If anyone could help, I would be forever grateful.


4 hours ago

Dog handlers turns heads

Nicholas Boyack Reporter from Community News

Meet the dog walker who controls 16 dogs.
Drivers stop to take photos and after a ruff day, office workers come up to Phil Krieg​ to ask if they can pat the group of dogs accompanying him along the footpath.
It's a hard sight to miss in Wellington, Krieg in his bright yellow vest walking a large group of dogs, moving together as a calm and orderly canine collective.
With Krieg as their leader, the dogs sit when they were told and moved to the side to make way for runners, other dogs and those walking on the footpath.
In 2008, Krieg’s wife, Penny​, came up with their dog walking business, Loose Leash Dog Walking. Penny said they called it Loose Leash because that was the idea – walking the dogs on a loose leash and trusting them to behave.
The pair lead groups of dogs, ranging from 12 to 16, on walks around Wellington.