23 days ago

Black and white cat found

Jessica from Seatoun

Hello everyone, we have had a black and white cat hanging around the ventnor street area for the past couple months. He hasn’t got a collar on and always seems quite hungry, so we feed him when we can. He started off very timid but now allows pats and is very affectionate. Wondering if he is anyone’s lost kitty? Photo attached.

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1 day ago

Poll: Is it time to revive Wellington's flag?

Katie Townshend Reporter from Dominion Post

It's unmistakable: the trireme-like ship, the flying dragon-dolphin-fish, the English flags. Quintessentially Wellington. Right?
The new mayor of Wellington and a city councillor want to see the revival of the city's flag and coat of arms around the city in help foster "civic pride". But, others say the flag is "a relic of the past" that fell into disuse for a reason. What do you think of the flag? www.stuff.co.nz...

Is it time to revive Wellington's flag?
  • 20.8% It's great, fly it high
    20.8% Complete
  • 13.7% It's ok, I don't really mind if it's used
    13.7% Complete
  • 65.5% It's a relic, ditch it
    65.5% Complete
322 votes
3 hours ago

A Very Welly Christmas

The Team from Wellington City Council

There's only 9 more sleeps until A Very Welly Christmas 2019!
At our annual Christmas celebration, you can expect more than just tinsel and candy canes.
Run away to the circus with Colossal NZ or take a leap of faith with Bigair Cheersports! There will also be live bands, choruses, carols, crafts, ice skating, dance groups and more.
Head to averywellychristmas.co.nz/ for the full schedule coming soon.

3 hours ago

Community Centre Dessert Evening

Grant Ellen from Miramar & Maupuia Community Centre

We have a Dessert Evening combined with our Annual Community Meeting coming up Tuesday 3rd December at 6.30pm. All welcome. Dessert provided!