690 days ago

Free one hour Architectural design consultation

Sara from Sara Stretton Architectural Designer

New build or renovation - extend living area - add bedroom - improve indoor/outdoor flow - more light - add ensuite - kitchen - bathroom - outdoor living.

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2 days ago

ISO moving boxes

Amy from Hataitai

Does anyone have boxes going spare?

4 days ago

What would you like to see happen in Wellington over the next ten years?

Ruby Macandrew Reporter from Dominion Post

Hey Wellington neighbours! When polled, the majority of you (39 per cent) told us you thought the city had regressed in the past decade. We're keen to know why and what you would like to see happen to get Wellington back on track. Let us know in the comments below. (Please mark comments not for print with 'NFP')

17 hours ago

Putting the Well-being back into Wellington

John from Hataitai

It's local body election time again and election papers are either in your mail box or will be there very shortly. We need to be thinking carefully about who we elect to our Regional Council. The old, entrenched thinking that has been applied in the past simply hasn't been doing us any favours – it really is time for a change.

I cannot change the world, but what I will do is to work and advocate for the following three things:

1. Ensure that people are at the centre of decision making. That their views and opinions inform Council decisions, and that decisions are based both on fact and reason. Right now we have a democratic deficit. We must make real Communication, Consultation and Collaboration the fundamental principles of how our Regional Council operates.
2. Take bold decisions on climate change. The Regional Council has taken the step to declare a climate emergency. What we now need to do is ensure that we, as a region, turn words into actions.
3. Sort out our public transport network and deal with congestion. This will mean taking a long term view of the public transport we need that is both robust, reliable and affordable. Our public transport system should actively assist in both reducing congestion and carbon emissions. To really solve our congestion we must see it from a regional perspective, not a just a Wellington issue.

Your #1 Vote for me, John Klaphake, will help ensure we put the Well-being back into Wellington.